Ziva Raviv

Player: Mandy or Kitty_OoC

Aliases: Ziva

Creature Type: Silent Strider Kinfolk

Notable Traits

* She has 3 appearance traits
* She has pb x3 with Silent Striders
* Not visible, but does carrying a spray of bullet scars across her backside.


Ziva is is a lithe form that stands to about five foot seven inches. Her long, dark hair frames her softly tan features of her Middle Eastern heritage that are highlighted by her light brown eyes. She is wearing a pair of fitted blue jeans over a pair of ankle high leather heeled boots with a red-ribbed tank and a chain necklace with a silver/copper plated owl feather as it's charm.

Ziva is often wearing comfortable jeans or a long, flowing skirt with either a tank top or a tee. Her hair is rarely pulled back. No tattoos or piercings of any kind on her and she never seems to be without her necklace with the owl feather charm on it.


* Mother, Adren Theurge garou
* Father, kin
* Son, Ari, 6 months old and was born under a half moon

Common Knowledge

*Was mated to Tzayad as he was killed by a Craze Spiral that stalked through the city of Mobile
* Came to find out that she was pregnant in March. Her and her mate were happy.
* Managed to survive an out of the blue trip to the Mirror Realm, only to come back with array of bullet scars across her back and chest which missed her slightly swollen belly at the time. When she finally did come back, she was extremely malnourished and was further along on her pregnancy that previously known. Sometime in October is right around when she's due to give birth.
*Came to find out about her mate's gruesome death from close friend Thera and soon realized she was further in labor than she showed. She delivered a healthy boy, born that evening the 10th while a half moon lit the sky.



Find out IC… she might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Calling her is the best way to get her.


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