Name: Wyatt
Deed name: Booms from the shadows
Tribe: Glasswalker
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Cliath
Breed: Homid

Notable Traits
is a 6'2" and a well built man. His skin is darkly tanned and he has a black handlebar mustache, steel grey eyes and long dark well kept hair that sits under a black leather cowboy hat. he wears a long black duster that hangs open, under which he is wearing a white cotton button down shirt and a pair of black wranglers, he has a well worn pair of black Tony Lama boots. Around his waist, slung low on his hips is a gun belt with a pair of gunbelts slung low on his waist, crossing over each other in the front, each of them carrying a well oiled holster with a revolver resting in them (gorgeousx2, alluring)


Information known to the Nation
seems to be a rather helpful and easy going guy

has given the kin Ashara candy and has taken upon himself to protect her even adopted her

Kin / family
Ashara - adopted

Rites and Chalenges


OOC Information
Player Tim
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