Winter's Cull

Totem: Fenris


Pack Purpose

War pack (that probably will become specialized into battles in the Umbra).

Pack Members

* Lieseolette
* Alpha

* Blut Ausfall

* Caleb Ellison

* Endless Strikes

* Ryker

Pack Allies and Family

* < Liese's son.>

* < Caleb's mate.>

<Crimson Ice>
* < Sponsor pack.>

Common Knowledge

* Created as a sister pack to Crimson ice, Winter's cull was ironically built formerly by ex members or aspirants for Nerigal’s pack. Composed mainly by strong and somehow troubled individuals; some bordering on loneliness, they joined forces and created their own pack. After having their strength tested and proved by a legitimate avatar of Fenris, the members of the new Winter’s Cull pack have a compromise to their former totem: to face and conquer all battles and challenges crossing their way.


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