Name - Twilight

Deed Name - Biter. Bad Boy. No No no Not on the carpet.

Tribe - Shaowlord

Auspice - Ragabash

Rank - Cliath

Breed - Lupus

Notable Traits -
He is a large black wolf and is seldom seen in homid….though others are trying to change that.

Pack - Packed with Edward and Saskia

==Information known to the Nation==
His former Alpha; Lucas the Metis led Twilight down a darkened path. When Twilight got wind of it he began to distance himself from the pack.
He has a kin she-wolf mate.

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==
He is a liar.
He follows people around.


==OOC Information==

Player -Rachel

Location -Maryland

Contact info -moc.liamg|nnijhtar#moc.liamg|nnijhtar

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