The Garou Nation is composed twelve Tribes of Garou. Each possesses their own Totem spirit, their own heritage, traditional protectorate and many even claim their own special aspect of the Garou duty to Gaia. Just because the Tribes are a Nation in name does not mean they are always a Nation in truth; all too often different totems and ideologies bring clashes. Get a Silent Strider and a Bone Gnawer together, or a Glass Walker and a Red Talon, and you may well see blood. Garou tend to be direct about settling these things.

* Black Furies are Grecian protectors of the Wyld and women, dedicated to Pegasus.
* Bone Gnawers are the lowest of the low, the dregs and leavings of the other Tribes and the ultimate survivors, following their three-faced scavenger totem Rat.
* Children of Gaia are sometimes called the "Unity Tribe," seeking to bring Garou together and often seeking less aggressive or lethal methedology. Hailing originally from the Fertile Crescent region, this peace-seeking Tribe is guided by Unicorn.
* Fianna are the remaining survivors of the British Isles, and follow fiercely Celtic and Irish traditions. Known to produce some of the greatest Galliards of the Nation, these hard-drinking and hard-fighting Garou follow Stag.
* Get of Fenris are perhaps the fiercest, most feared of the warrior Tribes, following in Norse-influenced traditions towards victory and glory in the name of Gaia and their totem, the great wolf Fenris.
* Glass Walkers revere Cockroach, the ultimate in adaptation. These Garou embrace the Weaver and cities, though are often considered to be urrah by members of the other Tribes and viewed with suspicion.
* Red Talons are an almost entirely Lupus tribe (save for a very few rare Metis), following the example of the savage Griffin. The Tribe has a noted dislike of humanity, and there have been some very distressing rumors about their practices towards them in the past.
* Shadow Lords hail from Eastern Europe, and follow the dark and brooding Grandfather Thunder. Particularly proficient with backstabbing and subterfuge of all sorts, they've been fighting a war for centuries against the vampires who share their homeland.
* Silent Striders hail from Egypt, but centuries past a foul ancient vampire banished Owl's followers from their homeland. Since,they have been the messengers and travelers of the Garou, seeking some kind of home and place to belong, some way to return home.
* Silver Fangs are the kings of the Garou, raised by Gaia and Luna to lead the Garou Nation. In the last few centuries these shining children of Falcon have become somewhat…tarnished…from problems in their Russian homeland and inbreeding, and a subtle malady of madness has overtaken some of the Tribe. It remains to see if the Kings and Queens of the Garou will be able to return to their former glory before the Apocalypse, or if a successor will step out of the shadows.
* Uktena plumb the mysteries around them and seek all manner of magic, moved on by a nigh-isatiable curiousity. They follow the mysterious spirit of the same name, and are one of the two remaining tribes native to the Americas.
* Wendigo are angry. They're angry to have their homelands of America despoiled, their kin scattered and slain, their lands stolen. They're angry to have lost one of their brother Tribes. They're angry because of the state of things…and they're angry because they follow the powerful cannibal warrior spirit Wendigo. A shard of that lives in each of them, and ties them closely to the seasons.

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