Physical Traits

Describe the abilities of the body, such as power, quickness, and endurance.


Brawny - Bulky muscular strength.
Uses: Punching, kicking or grappling in combat when your goal is to inflict damage. Power-lifting. All feats of strength.
Ferocious - Possession of brutal intensity and extreme physical determination.
Uses: Any time that you intend to do serious harm. When in frenzy, rage rounds, Crinos or Hispo.
Stalwart - Physically strong and uncompromising against opposition.
Uses: Resisting damage, or when standing your ground against overwhelming odds or a superior foe.
Tough - A harsh, aggressive attitude and a reluctance to submit.
Uses: Whenever you're wounded.
Vicious - You have a powerful urge to destroy, coupled with the wiry strength of a predator.
Uses: Second or subsequent challenges. Dirty fighting.
Wiry - Tight, streamlined, muscular strength.
Uses: Punching, kicking or grappling on combat. Acrobatic movements. Endurance lifting.


Dexterous - General adroitness and skill involving the use of one's hands.
Uses: Weapon-oriented combat (Melee or Firearms), pickpocketing. Punching.
Fierce - Driven by your will to win, swift movements are easy for you.
Uses: Fighting an obviously superior enemy.
Graceful - Control and balance in the motion and use of the entire body.
Uses: Combat defense. Whenever you might lose your balance.
Lithe - Characterized by flexibility and suppleness.
Uses: Acrobatics, gymnastics, dodging, dancing.
Nimble - Light and skillful; able to make agile movements.
Uses: Dodging, jumping, rolling acrobatics. Hand to hand combat.
Quick - Speedy, with a fast reaction time.
Uses: Defending in a surprise attack. Running, dodging, attacking.


Deadly - An indomitable strength of body, able to continue fighting despite damage.
Uses: Combat. '''Fortitude'' tests. Second challenges or challenges after being wounded.
Enduring - Persistent sturdiness against physical opposition.
Uses: Soaking damage, successive bids when your survival is at stake.
Resilient - Healthy, quick recovery rate.
Uses: Soaking damage, surviving in hostile environments.
Robust - Resistant to physical harm.
Uses: Soaking damage, extended tests of endurance.
Rugged - Hardiness, health.
Uses: Soaking damage, resisting toxins.
Savage - You possess brutal intensity and an instinct for slaughter that rivals the most ferocious animals.
Uses: Brute force. ''Fortitude''' challenges. Combat.
Tireless - High stamina.
Uses: Extended endurance challenges, subsequent physical challenges in combat.


Aggressive - You are familiar with fighting, and eagerly match your opponent strike for strike.
Uses: Combat.
Agile - You have a well-honed and flexible body. You can bend, twist, run and jump with ease.
Uses: Acrobatics. ''Athletics.'' Competitive events. Dodging.
Athletic - Your body is conditioned to respond well in full-body movements.
Uses: Sports, duels, acrobatics, wrestling.
Brutal - You are capable of taking nearly any actiong in order to survive.
Uses: Fighting an obviously superior enemy.
Energetic - A powerful force of spirit. A strong internal drive propels you and, in physical situations, you can draw on a deep reservoir of enthusiasm and zeal.
Uses: Combat, Extended physical challenges.
Steady - More than simply physically dependable—controlled, unfaltering and balanced. You have firm mastery over your efforts.
Uses: Weapon attacks. Fighting in exotic locations.
Tenacious - Physically determined through force of will.
Uses: Second of subsequent physical challenge.
Vigorous - A combination of energy, power, intensity and resistance to harm.
Uses: Combat and athletic challenges when you're on the defensive.


Clumsy - Lacking physical coordination, balance and grace. You are prone to stumbling and dropping objects.
Cowardly - In threatening situations, saving your own neck is all that is important. You might even flee when you have the upper hand, just out of habit.
Decrepit - You move and act as if you are old and infirm. You recover from physical damage slowly, you are unable to apply full muscular strength and you tire easily.
Delicate - Frail and weak in structure; you are damaged easily by physical harm.
Docile - The opposite of the Ferocious and Tenacious traits. You lack physical persistence, and you tend to submit rather than fighting long battles.
Flabby - Your muscles are underdeveloped. You cannot apply your strength well against resistence.
Frail - You are fragile and easily broken. You always come out of a fight looking like you got the worst of it—even if you didn't.
Lame - You are disabled in one or more limbs. The handicap can be as obvious as a missing leg or as subtle as a dysfunctional arm.
Lethargic - Slow and drowsy. You suffer from a serious lack of energy or motivation.
Puny - You are weak and inferior in strength. This trait could refer to diminutive size.
Sickly - Weak and feeble. Your body responds to physical stress as if it were in the throes of a debilitating illness.
Slow - The opposite of Quick and Nimble traits. You lack muscular coordinator and are always a half-beat behind the rest.
Soft - You lack the physical strength to carry out arduous tasks.

Social Traits

Describe your character's appearance and charisma - her ability to influence others.


Charismatic - The talent of inspiration and motivation, the sign of a strong leader.
Uses: In a situation involving leadership or the achievement of leadership.
Charming - Your speech and actions make you attractive and appealing to others.
Uses: Convincing. Persuading.
Dignified - Something about your posture and body carriage appears honorable and aesthetically pleasing. You carry yourself well.
Uses: Defending against social challenges.
- The ability to speak in an interesting and convincing manner.
Uses: Convincing others. Swaying emotions. Public speaking.
Expressive - Able to articulate your thoughts in interesting, meaningful ways.
Uses: Producing art of any kind. Acting. Performing. Any social situation in which you want someone to understand your meaning.
Genial - Cordial, kindly, warm and pleasant. You are pleasing to be around.
Uses: Mingling at parties. Generally used in a second or later social challenge with someone.
Intense - You have an unnerving presence that draws the attention of others.
Uses: Commanding the actions of others. ''Intimidation'' challenges. Inspiring fear.
Threatening - Your presence actively makes others uncomfortable.
Uses: Goading or insulting someone. Intimidation.


Beguiling - The skill of deception and illusion. You can twist the perceptions of others and lead them to believe what suits you.
Uses: Tricking others. Lying under duress.
Commanding - Impressive delivery of orders and suggestions. This trait implies skill in the control and direction of others.
Uses: When you are seen as a leader.
Ingratiating - Able to gain the favor of people who know you.
Uses: Dealing with elders in a social situation. Defending against social challenges.
Manipulative - You can easily convince others in such a manner that they rarely notice your intentions.
Uses: Various social Gift challenges. Gauging the abilities and mental prowess of others.
Persuasive - Able to propose believable, convincing and correct arguments and requests. Very useful when someone else is undecided on an issue.
Uses: Persuading or convincing others.


Alluring - An attractive and appealing presence that inspires desire in others.
Uses: Seduction. Convincing others.
Elegant - Refined tastefulness. Even though you don't need money to be elegant, you exude an air of richness and high society.
Uses: High society or Silver Fang parties. Might be important in some Tribes for advancement. Defending against social challenges.
Gorgeous - Beautiful or handsome. You were born with a face and body that is good looking to most people you meet.
Uses: Modeling, posing, drawing attention.
Magnetic - People feel drawn to you. Those around you are interested in your speech and actions.
Uses: Seduction. First impressions.
Seductive - Able to entice and tempt. You can use your good looks and your body to get what you want from others.
Uses: Subterfuge, seduction.


Compassionate - Caring for others.
Uses: Defending the weak.
Diplomatic - Tactful, careful and thoughtful in speech and deed. Few are displeased with what you say or do.
Uses: Very important in intrigue. Leadership situations.
Empathetic - Able to identify and understand the emotions and moods of people with whom you come in contact.
Uses: Gauging the feelings of others.
Friendly - Able to fit in with everyone you meet. Even after a short conversation, most find it difficult to dislike you.
Uses: Convincing others.
Intimidating - A frightening or awesome presence that causes others to feel timid. This trait is particularly useful when attempting to cow opponents.
Uses: Inspiring common fear. Ordering others.
Witty - Cleverly humorous. Jokes and jests come easily to you, and you are perceived as a funny person when you want to be.
Uses: At parties. Entertaining someone. Goading or insulting someone.


Bestial - Your rage manifestsitself outwardly, the more negative aggressions of your state just can't help but shine through.
Callous - Your are unfeeling, uncaring and insensitive to the suffering of others.
Condescending - You just can't help it; your contempt for others is impossible hide.
Dull - Those with whom you speak usually find you boring and uninteresting. Conversing with you is a chore. You do not present yourself well to others.
Feral - The animalistic predator in you is evident in your actions. You scratch yourself, sniff people or otherwise behave in a primitive fashion.
Meek - It is difficult for you to make your presence known, and you are often overlooked for honors or advancement. Further, your mild nature makes it difficult for you to enter combats; you often hesitate before acting.
Naive - You lack the air of worldliness, sophistication or maturity that most carry.
Obnoxious - You are annoying or unappealing in speech, action or appearance.
Repugnant - Your appearance disgusts everyone around you. Needless to say, you make a terrible first impression with strangers.
Shy - You are timid, bashful, reserved and socially hesitant.
Tactless - You are unable to do or say things that others find appropriate to the social situation.
Untrustworthy - You are rumored or perceived to be unreliable, whether or not you really are.

Mental Traits

Represent your character's capacity for memory, perception, self-control and the ability to learn.


Analytical - You believe in a strict mental regimen that guides your thoughts.
Uses: Investigation. Noticing clues or anything out of place.
Attentive - You pay attention to everyday occurrences around you. When something extraordinary happens, you are usually ready for it.
Uses: Preventing surprise attacks. Investigation, when on watch.
Discerning - Discriminating, able to pick out details, subtleties and idiosyncracies. You have clarity of vision.
Uses: Investigating and tracking.
Insightful - The power of looking at a situation and gaining an understanding of it.
Uses: Investigation (but not defense against it).
Observant - Depth of vision, the power to look at something and notice important aspects of it.
Uses: Picking up on subtleties that others might overlook.
Vigilant - Watchful. You have the disposition of a guard dog; your attention misses little.
Uses: Defending against investigation. More appropriate for mental defense than for attack.


Cunning - Crafty and sly, possessing a great deal of engenuity.
Uses: Tricking others. Puzzlecraft, riddle games.
Disciplined - Your mind is structured and controlled. This rigidity gives you an edge in battles of will.
Uses: Staredowns. Useful in a mental challenge.
Focused - You are fixated on a course of thought, and no distraction can drive you from it.
Uses: Defending against emotion-related attacks. Maintaining concentration despite distractions.
Knowledgeable - You know copious and detailed information about a wide variety of topics. This Trait represents "book learning".
Uses: Remembering information your character might know.
Rational - You believe in logic, reason, sanity and sobriety. Your ability to reduce concepts to a mathematical level helps you analyze the world.
Uses: Defending against emotion-oriented mental attacks. Defending against an aura reading. Not used as an initial bid.
Reflective - Meditative self-recollection and deep thought. The Trait of the serious thinker, ''Reflective'' enables you to consider all aspects of a conundrum.
Uses: Meditation. Remembering information. Defending against most mental challenges.


Alert - Mentally prepared for danger and able to react quickly when it occurs.
Uses: Preventing surprise attacks, guard duty.
Clever - Quick-witted resourcefulness. You think well on your feet.
Uses: Using a mental challenge against another, puzzlecraft, riddle games.
Insidious - You are a master liar and conniver; few suspect you, and your betrayals are devastating.
Uses: Infiltration. Disguise. Changing someone's mind.
Intuitive - Knowledge and understanding somehow come to you without conscious reasoning, as if by instinct.
Uses: Spontaneous deduction.
Shrewd - Astute and artful, able to keep your wits about you and accomplish mental feats with efficiency and finesse.
Uses: Defending against a mental discipline.
Wily - Sly and full of guile. Because you are wily, you can trick and deceive easily.
Uses: Tricking others. Lying under duress. Confusing mental situations.


Calm - Extensive self-control.
Uses: Resisting frenzy, defending against upsetting mental attacks.
Creative - Your ideas are original and imaginative, which implies an ability to produce unusual solutions to your difficulties. You can create artistic pieces. A requirement for any true artist.
Uses: Performance. Creating anything. Talecraft, riddle games.
Dedicated - You give yourself totally over to your beliefs. When one of your causes is at stake, you stop at nothing to succeed.
Uses: Useful in any mental challenge when your beliefs are at stake.
Determined - When it comes to mental endeavors, you are fully committed. Nothing can divert your attentions to succeed once you have made up your mind.
Uses: Staredowns. Useful in a normal mental challenge.
Patient - Tolerant, persevering and steadfast. You can wait out extended delays with composure.
Uses: Staredowns or other mental battles after another trait has been bid.
Wise - An overall understanding of the workings of the world.
Uses: Giving advice. Dispensing snippets of Zen.


Deceitful - Occasional mistruths, minor adjustments to the facts and misleading others all seem like second nature to you.
Forgetful - You have trouble remembering even important things.
Gullible - Easily deceived, duped or fooled.
Ignorant - Uneducated or misinformed, never seeming to know anything.
Impatient - Restless, anxious and generally intolerant of delays. You want everything to go your way—immediately.
Oblivious - Unaware and unmindful. You'd be lucky if you noticed an airplane flying through your living room.
Predictable - Because you lack originality or intelligence, even strangers can figure out what you intend to do next.
Shortsighted - Lacking foresight. You rarely look beyond the superficial; details of perception are usually lost on you.
Squeamish - You have difficulty grasping the brutality of the world; everything is dirty, foul or uncomfortable.
Submissive - No backbone; you relent and surrender at any cost rather than stand up for yourself.
Unstable - Your mind is constantly teetering on the edge, and ''anything'' could upset the careful balancing act.
Violent - An extreme lack of self-control. You fly into rages at the slightest provocation, and frenzy is always close to the surface. This trait is a mental one because it represents mental instability.
Witless - Lacking the ability to process information quickly. Foolish and slow to act when threatened.

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