Tina Zamora

Name: Tina Zamora

Deed Name:


Breed: Homid


Rank: Cub



Tina Zamora is about 5 foot 7 ish, extremely curly not quite red not quite blonde not quit
brown hair. Dancers build with strong but not overly defined muscles, small for
height feet (she wears a size 7.5 in womens) and delicate hands. Her eyes are
constantly shifting through every color in the grey and blue spectrum. She has
higher, more defined cheek bones and her skin is a warm slightly tanned color
kinda like really creamed/sugared coffee, which is unsual for someone with an
almost exclusively Irish/Scottish background. She has one tattoo on the side of
her hip, its (no suprise) a celtic knotwork of a four leaf clover done in green.

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Player: Kae

Location: Japan

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