Thrall Larssen

Name - Thrall Larssen

Deed Names - Marred Son of Nerigal, Wins Against a Loaded Deck, lionhearts rage

Tribe - Get of Fenris

Auspice - Forseti (Philidox)

Rank - Athro

Breed - Homid

Titles - Eldest Philidox, Eldest Fenrir, Sept Alpha, Pack Alpha

Basic Homid Description:

Thrall is a 7ft tall wall of pure muscle with clean shaven head and well trimmed blond goatee. His face is a mess of horrific scars running from the top of his head down across his face. He has a mosaic of tattoos that span from his neck down his chest, arms and back. They depect several battles of both Norse mythology and Garou history. His body is a road map of scars from bullet holes, puncture wounds, burns, and a huge line of teeth marks.

Across his back are the glyphs for "Griffin, Unicorn, Rat, Cockroach, Pegasus, Stag, Wendigo and Grandfather Thunder"

Basic Crinos Description:

Thrall is a huge intimidating sight to behold. His long grey fur is stained red at the tips from years of blood and rust coating it. His face is a mess of matted fur and bare scars, adding to the intimidating nature of his beast.

Basic Lupus Description:

Thralls lupus form is huge and lumbering, built for power over speed. He has long shaggy gray fur that is stained red at the tips from years of bloodshed and rust coating it. His face is bone white and in the shape of a skull with markings for "Glory" "Honor" and "Wisdom" on his forehead and the backs of his ears.

Everyday Outfit:

Thrall can usually be seen wearing a black button up dress shirt with the "Valhalla Tattoo and Piercing" Logo on the pocket as well as a pair of blue carpenter fit jeans that are worn at the bottom.

Battle Gear:

Thrall wears no shirt, revealing the mosaic of tattoos across his chest arms and back. He wears an old hardened leather cestus over his left arm that has blood crusted in its creases. On one hip can usually be found a human skull with the markings for "Glory" "Honor" and "Wisdom" carved into its forehead and temples. Along the skullcap is scrolled the Litany. On his left hip is a Grand Klaive with markings for Nerigal, Fenris and Honor.

Pack -

Alpha of Crimson Ice


Dahlia Larssen - Mate

Aren Larssen (Brings Honor to His Blood, Blood of Acid Scars the Webweaver, and Rages Against the Storm) - Stepson

Arik Larssen - son

Valdis Larrsen - Daughter

Brynja Larssen - Mother

Jórkell Thorsen (Known as Crushing Hammer of Justice, slays the liar, Elder Forseti of the Fenrir and Jarl of Frozen Wrath) - Uncle

Common Knowledge

Thrall is a hard ass and a perfectionist, not to down others but to make sure they are prepared for the battles ahead.

He was trained by his Uncle day and night when he was young.

He is especially hard on the cubs to make sure they can survive becoming cliaths


Thrall is truely the flesh and blood son of the Spirit Nerigal

beat up Chuck Norris

The hardass demeanor is just a front. He truly cares a great deal about those around him.

He eats child of gaia metises for breakfast

Thralls tears cure cancer…too bad he never cries

Thrall counted to infinity - twice.

Fear of spiders is aracnaphobia,fear of tight spaces is chlaustraphobia, fear of Thrall is called Logic.

When Bruce Banner gets mad he turns into the Hulk. When the Hulk gets mad he turns into Thrall.

Thrall had two mates before Dahlia, both died mysteriously.

Thrall was once described as being 20 feet tall and having a whale cock….named moby

Daily Routine

When he wakes in the morning he eats breakfast with his pack and family and then goes on a run with them.

Thrall trains constantly in every form of combat so he knows better how to combat it.

He makes it a point for the pack and family to come together for dinner.


"A Heart will fight a battle…but it takes the mind to win it"

"Everyone here works. Everyone Fights. If they aren't Fighting they are dead"

"I fight the wyrm, I fight the weaver, I fight every evil this world can throw at me. Ima be pissed if I have to go home and then fight my wife's Vagina"

IC Contact Info

Thrall never answers the phone but often checks the messages at the ranch and at Valhalla Tattoes

He can usually be found at the Crimson Ice compound, his yurt on the bawn that he uses as an office. At night he can be found at Valhalla Tattoo


"Indestructible" ~ Disturbed

"Thousand Mile Wish" ~ Finger Eleven(His and Dahlia's song.)

"Darkness" ~ Disturbed

"Behind Blue Eyes" ~ Limp Bizkit
(for HIS wife, his TRUE LOVE, his DAHLIA)

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Location: Mississippi

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