Thera Andersen

Name - Thera Andersen "Rends the Grifter's Veil", "Bane Eater"


Tribe - Get of Fenris
Auspice - Theurge
Rank - Adren
Breed - Homid
Position Keeper of the Land (and completely brutal to anyone who messes up the sept land or pisses off the spirits. She runs a tight ship)

Notable Traits -
6app. GoF pbx4, Mark of the predator, sign of the wolf
Thera is 7', about 19 or 20. She's curvy for her height, but mostly just muscular.
*Her hair is no-nonsense shoulder length, pale, almost white, blonde.
*She appears to have green eyes, and rarely shows her teeth. Her ears are most often covered by her hair.
* Long, deep, claw scar along her jaw line.
* She pretty much always wears jeans, and motorcycle boots, and and a black tank top, showing the beginning of a 9agg scar that stretches from one shoulder to the opposite hip, a dragon bite from rib to hip, with one mangled rib, machine gun fire scars bisecting her torso down the center front and back, because Gaia (*cough* Trover) doesn't want her to look good topless. She is also missing her pinkie finger on her left hand.
*She has the Nerigal glyph in the palm of her left hand and a brand of Fenris on her left shoulderblade.
*The only jewelry she wears are a pair of wedding bands on a chain around her neck. For those who've known her long enough, they match the engagement ring she wore when Arkin was alive.

Pack -
Crimson Ice, to Nerigal

Family that she rarely talks to (or about), far far away.
Dead Fiancee Arkin Cole
She doesn't talk to much of anyone outside of her pack, their kin, and Dances in the Rain, though on the rare occassions you catch her in a good mood, she'll tell stories of her silly antics with deceased sept members that she clearly counted as friends.

== General Information/Badass Activities/Quests ==
*She's a body modification artist, specializing in scarification and piercing, she works at Valhalla for Thrall
*She has a trail of epic adventures behind her, ranging from Scar to Asgard and most of the planetary incarnae. In addition to stealing hair from Thor, she has also been attributed orchestrating a cure for a rat-caused illness, dominating the hell out of an athro ahroun black spiral dancer when she was only fostern, and making some badass talens.
*Challenged Dances in the Rain for Adren. Is now Adren.
*Kicked ass in Asgard. Lots and lots of ass. Came back with a new battle scar to add to her collection.
*She's a surprisingly good teacher to the younger theurges.

== Rumors ==
*She tends to speak before she thinks about what she's saying. She might apologize later, but only if she decides that she went overboard. She usually doesn't.
*She is truly a battle theurge, specializing in dealing with banes and umbral warfare.
*She's good with spirits, but her idea of healing is telling you to "Suck it up and shift, pussy"
*Even for a garou, she's unusually touchy during her auspice moon.
*She used to have glyphs and runes scarred into her arms, and dressed super goth, then suddenly started looking 'normal'.
*She has a son, in Valhalla, being raised by the Valkyries. Rumors say Loki has something to do with his conception, though whether it's Loki's child, or Arkin's, Thera's never said. She doesn't talk about it much, though on the rare occasion she mentions her son, she does smile more than usual.
*Her current pack is almost all Get of Fenris, previous packs have included black furies, uktena, bone gnawer, and even, possibly, a kitsune.
*She's outlived most of her friends. It makes her a real bitch.

"I Was A Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps"
"Bad Moon Rising by The Meteors"
"Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) by Moonspell"
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