The Ebon Watch

Pack Totem: Black Unicorn

Specific Spirit: Midnight Runner

Spirit Type: Totem of War

General Information: Black Unicorn is called by some "Unicorn's Shadow"; his coat is as dark as Unicorn's is white, though his eyes shine with the same reverent love for Gaia.  He is a noble spirit of war, created by Unicorn to help defend her children in times of need and to teach the Children how to fight with nobility and chivalry.

Pack Bans:
Black Unicorn demands that his children defend those who are unable to defend themselves, a duty that is often more demanding than it would seem.

Base Benefits:
Black Unicorn's Children gain a level of Brawl and a Glory Trait. Any one pack member may gain three extra Healthy levels (preferably if defending an innocent).  Once per story, each pack member may add five Willpower Traits to their pool for the purpose of comparing on ties when defending the helpless.

Additional Benefits:

Pack Purpose:

To defend those who cannot defend themselves. The Ebon Watch survives to protect innocents in bad places/circumstances.

Pack Members

Matoskah - Alpha

Willow's Memory

Meli Starr


Nicolas Graves


Pack Allies and Family

luyu oxendine - Matoskah's mate

Nyx Damalis - Nicolas's Mate

Aigneis Moore - Willow's Memory's Mate

Cailín Moore - Willow's Memory's little sister-in-law

Those no longer with us

Li-Björnsson Xiaolian

Apollo Mercouri

Common Knowledge


Typical Activities



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