Player: Moonsaber


  • Turns the Storm
  • Talapee-Hasi (5 Suns)
  • Tala Morgaine Forthcreek

Creature Type: Garou

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: New Moon

Breed: Homid

Rank: Cliath

Pack: none

Date of Birth: May 1, 1995


Homid Description:
At 5'2" and eyes of blue this young woman tends to be unkempt but brimming with a good sense of humor. While only having 2 appearance related traits, she has 4 of both charisma related and manipulation related. A winning smile, often fun to be around. She wears what often seem to be related or the same clothes, not particularly serviceable, or in style. Ragged bell bottom jeans, t-shirts or rough button ups, and a bright colored native style poncho. Her long black hair is rarely properly styled or brushed through, but her teeth are white and bright. The baggy clothes hide a scrawny girl who has had issues keeping bulk on her frame since the change put her metabolism in overdrive.

Lupus Description:
As a wolf she is a Canis Lupis Rufus.. a red wolf. Small of stature, about the size of your average dog, her ears are huge and perked, like a foxes, and her coat is black and white with red ticking, the coloring and pattern much like that of a fox. Being a small female doesn't help, She looks more like someone's lost fox dog than a proper wolf compared to many, especially a Fianna.

Crinos Description:
The tall ears from her wolf form remain, giving her an almost elegant Crinos form, smaller than most but wiry and lithe.

Notable Traits:

Pure Breed of 2, Charismatic, and Manipulative. She is wiry and fast, and able to run long distances without getting winded.

Everyday Outfit:

Like a sloppy native american girl. Bell Bottoms, T-shirts, sandles. A pull over brightly colored tribal poncho.

Battle Gear:

No real change, except the colors are muted.


  • Aldep John Forthcreek
    • Grandfather (dad's side)
    • Poarch Creek Band Tribal Elder
  • Moria Morgan Forthcreek
    • Mother
    • Mistress of Rites - Sept of Moon Cast Down

Common Knowledge

  • Short, skinny and a bit too white to be a proper First Nation girl, Tala is nonetheless highly ranked within the Poarch Creek Band, the grand-niece of the Chief. She dissapeared at the age of 13, though, when she changed and the garou made excuses for her, and within the tribe this is accepted.


  • Utkena Ragabash?
  • Isn't that what Nuwisha pass themselves off as?
  • She even mentioned it!
  • Two accents! Southern girl.. and So.. stiff and tribal!
  • Is one a posture.. why would she talk like that? Multiple personalities?

Daily Routine

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[Character History] Talapee-Hasi (5 Suns) or as she was better known Tala Morgaine Forthcreek
was born and raised on the Poarch Creek Indian Reservation in central Alabama,
below Montgomery, the state capital. Life in the small town of Atmore was not

idyllic, but not bad for the contemplative young halfbreed. Her blue eyes
hinted at dilution on either side, and if you met her parents you would know
it for certain, her mom working at the casino and her dad growing crops on a

small piece of land when he wasn't to drunk to do it. She was beaten sometimes
, for being too whatever, but she got good at hiding. She got real good at
hiding in fact, and sneaking about, to avoid her father's beatings.

One day, when her dad had tied one on with some homemade hooch when she was
only 13 years old, she got angry. Very angry. So angry that the garou genes
inside her welled up, and with a surge she had her first change, and ripped

her father to pieces. When she came down from her fervor she was justly
horrified and took to hiding. Her mother, it turned out, wasn't really
working for the casino like she thought, but was in fact a theurge with the

local sept. It took the rite of the questing stone to find the young
ragabash, her ability at stealth was so profoundly trained at a young age.

She later asked about the rite, and was trained in it. Her father's remains were

fed through a thresher, and the death scene cleaned up, and it was judged an accident.
Her mother was of mixed race, but of strong garou background, her father was also mixed,
but both were of the Poarch band.

She was the only cub her age in the sept, and after a delay went through her rites
with flying colors, but with an interesting twist. She found herself called to Moundville
Alabama (near Tuscaloosa) one night, as more heritage of her ancestors awakened powers of

speaking to the dead to her. She gazed upon a mound unseen long before, and unidentified by
the archeologists. It wasn't a Creek mound, or even Mississipean, but garou. Led by the dead
within the missed mound to it, and to dig until she gained entrance.

Within the mound was a treasure trove, but there was one thing in particular the ancestor spirits
had wanted her to retrieve. It was a rattle made of turtle shells, and she was to bring it back
to her sept. When she agreed readily, asking for nothing in return, an ancestor brought her to

his own remains, and bade her to take his fetishes as a gift, claiming she descended of his line,
though distantly. She took what was offered reverently, and after hiding the mound again she
rushed back to her sept. She was none to soon on her arrival, bearing the rattle she approached

her mother the mistress of Rites with the words of the ancestors and presented the rattle as she
had been instructed, though she did not know the language she spoke, for she only knew English, but
the Ancestors used her as conduit and in the Tuskeegee tongue told her mother "Place this in the

ground, in the path of the coming storm, grandaughter, and with your own daughter's help turn from
this sept the twisting bane wind from this place." Doing as bid, she took her Cub daughter to set
the Turtle Shell Rattle as instructed and together they turned the tide of a great tornado that

would have destroyed the sept in it's path, making it to fizzle out and turn.

Tala was awarded much Wisdom for working with the ancestors, finding the fetishes and returning
them to the nation, and for helping and learning rites while she waited on her cub challenge.

The Sept Alpha, Two Bears Sunsent, gave her her rite of passage, and proudly proclaimed her
deedname to be "Turns the Storm."

She learned as much as she could as a Cliath of her sept, which she was again the only one,

before going to her Elders and asking to leave. "For a good garou serves a pack first, before
retiring to a sept, I have only just turned sixteen, and I wish to join with others and do what
Gaia would have me do. I admit that the ancestors are no longer quiet to me, and wish me to

do so as well." The sept told her of a place that prophesy likely pointed as uncommon a New
Moon as their Turns the Storm, gave her a bus ticket and some pocket money, and set her out to
her destiny..


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IC Contact Info

  • She lives, currently, in a small yurt in the sept.


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OOC Information

Player: Lee

Time Zone: GMT-6 (CST USA)

Location: Alabama

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  • E-mail: moonsaber at gmail dot com
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