Stag's Unwavering Honor


Pack Purpose: Stag's Unwavering Honor is a rescue pack.

Pack Members

Aine MacGregor - Alpha

Kyle Rhodes



Whispers - Beta

Aikatrena Savakis

Cassandra Adams

Pack Allies and Family

  • Vincent Kiley and Clara Tennant — Jax's Mate and Adopted Daughter
  • Keeley and Brom Forsythe — Aine's Indentical Cousin and Husband

Common Knowledge

Their packhouse is located on Bourbon Street. Jerry who is Aine's mate owns #TheSheepWalkIn which is open everyday but Monday. The pack lives together though some have other residences as well.


Typical Activities

The Stag Pack runs two patrols per day which include the city and the sept area. Beyond that everyone takes turns at various duties.


This pack has been completely overhauled as all but the current Alpha and Beta stayed in Ireland. These members that branched off in Ireland are now the personal guard to the Ard Ri's heir. Coming back to Crosswinds Aine found herself with no pack only for Jax to arrive a couple weeks later after breaking Aine's standing order for them to stay.. Now the two have rebuilt the stag back..


IC Contact Info

The pack can be reached by cell, spirit, or through pack members

The pack can usually be found at the Stag Pack House or around the Sept


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