Spencer Lee

Name:Spencer Lee (Adams)
Deed names: The Natures Wind/ Amunet Hathor
Born: Nottingham, England 5. December 1995
Eye color: Crimson, or deep blood red
Hair color: Snow white
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silent Strider
Rank: Fostern
Theme songs:Boulevard of broken dreams/Can't take me/Show me the meaning of being lonely/ Nobody's Home/Sound the Bugle

Some of Spencer's quotes:
-A friend that knows you and your past, is your perfect enemy
-As you're pretty, so be wise. Wolves may lurk in every guise. Handsome they may be, or kind. Happy, or charming — never mind!. Now, as then, listen to this simple truth. Sweetest tongue has sharpest tooth.


Spencer is a 6.1 ft tall and 16 years old albino, the girl has a boyish appearance. She has short silver hair but her bangs fall over her crimson eyes to her nose covering a bit of a huge claw mark over her face, the scar goes from the left side of her forehead falling over her left eye that is between two claw scars, it crosses her left cheek and ends over her nose . She usually wears boyish clothes like black baggy pants the ones with pockets everywhere and a mans tank top that show off her fit and muscled upper body, her feet are always bare. She usually has the air of death around her mixed in with the scent of wild red roses following her like a cloack. Spencer's left arm is always bandaged with a cloth that covers the entire area from her shoulder to her palm except for her fingers, the bandages hang loosely around her arm to enable her free movement but tight enough so that her skin cannot be seen. The girl has a silver bracelet around her left wrist


A platinum necklace that hangs 10cm from her neck, on the necklace is a engraving that only she can read (except if you can read latin)


Spencer always caries her bag with her, the bag hangs over her head on her right shoulder and falls to her left side, it hangs just below her hip.


And she has a Egyptian bracelet around her right forearm.

If the girl takes off her clothes a beautiful tattoo adores her entire back


Spencer is covered in scars, there is a a huge scar on her back that runs from her neck down to her waist across the left wing which gave the illusion as if the left wing was broken and bleeding, on her chest between her breasts is a not so little “X” scar that looked like someone opened her up and sewed her skin back, there are multiple claw marks on her toned abdomen like a garou was trying to rip her gut’s out and her right arm had a bearly noticible horizontal scar that went from her wrist to her elbow. Her leg’s weren’t unscratched, on her left foot was a horizontal scar like someone was trying to cut off her toe fingers, there were multiple bite and claw marks on her legs as if she was roughtly dragged by them, and puncture wounds in her inner tight like someone pushed her legs apart forcefully.



Spencer’s wolf form is covered with smooth jet black fur, the scars she has in her human form are the same in her wolf form and the necklace hangs from her neck, but her left front leg where the bandages were looks unscratched and there is nothing there, like the girl wasn’t trying to hide anything. The girls wolf form has pointier ears and is lean and her muscles are visible as they ripple as she walks, looking like a overgrown jackal.


In her crinos form Spencer’s eyes turn deep red like a river of lava is flowing in her irises, her smooth fur turns coal black the necklace and forearm bracelet are in place even in her lean and well muscled Crinos form, and her scars are almost all covered up with her thick short fur, the only ones that are visible is the “X” scar on her chest, the long slash across her back and her left arm seems covered with scars and engravings, the entire arm, especially the shoulder seems burned as the fur there is thinner and the skin is wrinkled as it it didn't regenerated properly. In her crinos form Spencer can have the guns still strapped on to her hips, and she can use them.


-Spencer has a black Ducati at her disposal, and she treats it like her child, calling it Jera, if she doesn't have anything to do Spencer can be found next to her bike covered in oil and fixing it or tweaking it.

-In Spencer possession are two titanium Desert Eagles sheathed and strapped on a gun belt around her hips, on the whole guns muzzle is a engraving of a wolf with a opened snarling mouth, every time she fires it looks like the bullet flew from the wolfs mouth, the wolf on her left gun has sapphire eyes while the wolf on her right gun has crimson eyes, and when the light touches the two gems they shimmer.

-Strapped around the girls left thigh is a sheathed bowi knife, there are nordic runes engraved on the handle of the knife, while latin words in black tint are written on the knifes blade.


Spencer is a rough girl that keeps to herself and usually avoids contact. She has a wild and frigid persona, is a badass, and acts like a man, but she also likes to challenge herself with mental or physical tasks. She usually gives people the impression she’s a guy because of her boyish appearance and behavior. Spencer doesn’t pay attencion to things that don’t catch her eye, and (rarely) sticks with people if she finds them amusing. To get her trust is like winning the lottery, very hard to accomplish and the possibility of being you are very slim.



Spencer is a girl that doesn't talk much, her past is very dark and painful, she experienced many things that a kid should never go thru, her soul and heart are scared and broken so she sealed herself behind a hard outer shell. She doesn't like talking about her past nor is much known about her, shes done things that she isn't proud of. She had her first transformation at the age of 10 when her family was brutally murdered. Her brother Ian also survived and she is searching for him, after that everything went downhill for her, everywhere she went death and suffering followed her, every person she met died for her, so Spencer made a promise that she would never open up again, she buried herself inside a tough outer shell where she closed her emotions away from the outside world never to feel, never to feel the comfort of another humans touch, only darkness and pain rested in her frozen heart as she walked the earth in solitude like a heartless machine filled with grief,anger and frustration, all of her life was ripped out of her by the things she saw and experienced leaving behind a empty shell. Spencer left behind her family and all of her friends, never looking back, as she slowly started to sink in to insanity while the dead haunt her dreams and mind. Spencer experienced many things in her search, things that you wouldn't know until she told you herself. (And it would take me 20 pages to write all of her history XD)




Spencer is always accompanied by a white furred ferret named Nix that is 2 years old, the male ferret spends his time in her bag, where he sleeps most of his time but once in a while you will see a white furred ferrets head pop out of her bag. Nix is a playful little fella, he likes to play games and is very energetic, he has a little yellow ball that makes a jingling sound whenever it moves, he is attached to the ball and will go crazy with joy when someone takes it, he likes when people throw it so that he can retreat it like some kind of dog. Of all Spencer's pets Nix is the most intelligent and persistant, he always find a solution to a problem and his approach is much friendlier than Spencer or any of the other animals, he has a natural curiosity that he can't help but subdue.



Spencer also has a black dog that follows her around, the dog is a mix between a lupus Strider and a wolf and is 5 years old. Noir has a huge scar on her, it goes from the left side of her lower jaw, going down her neck, following the length of her chest and belly, and ending at the inside of her right hind leg. The old mark is shallow and thin at the neck and jaw, but as it goes longer it gets wider and deeper, her thin fur doesn't cover even one bit of the scar, and her black fur makes it painfully visible on her. Noir also has a leather pouch that hangs by a leather thread around her neck, something seems to be inside it as it is heavy and gravity pulls on it. Noir is a quiet dog, she usualy has the stance of a trained millitary dog about her like she is Spencer's personal guard, her pale green eyes always look bored and like Spencer she is suspicious of new people. Of all Spencer's pets she is the most loyal, and has a whole past behind her.



Isa is a young female white raven about 1 year old, she is NOT albino if she was she would have red eyes. She is a totally white raven with blue crystal eyes, she can be seen flying around Spencer or perched on the girls shoulder, Isa's wing bat is heard before you actually see her. Isa is a demanding bird and has a devil aurora round her, she doesn't like strangers, and would bite them if they are not careful, she likes to play pranks with wolves and is usually always planing some scheme on how to troll the others, she likes to play with Nix and they both sometimes group on Noir. Of all Spencer's pets Isa is the most evil like and the one you would like to keep your eye on.

In game information (Stuff that only someone close to Spencer might know)

-She’s been thru hell and back multiple times
-Under her thought outer shell is just a scared girl
-Has a double personality
-Her best friends are her pets
-Her heart is scared and broken
-Doesn’t trust anyone
-Has a androphobia (fear of men)


-Was a gladiator in her early past
-Was a member of the BSD
-Has done illegal business with both humans or Garou
-Been in prison
-Was raised by wolves
-Had sexual intercourse with girls

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Location: Croatia
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