Player: Jeanne

Aliases: Silver, The Shizzy

Creature Type: Garou

Tribe: Get of Fenrir

Political Affiliation: Gaian Garou

Titles: Silver, Endless Strike, Speaker for the Dead, Fostern Modi of the Fenrir, Fostring Ulfr
( Silver, Endless Strike, Speaker for the Dead, Fostern Ahroun of the Fenrir, born wolf )




Her feral silver eyes watching around her closely. She is a very large murcury coloured wolf, with thick fur that glistens with good health. She has a large blue scar that runs across her face from left eye to her right side of her muzzle, deep VERY large claw marks across her chest and a bullet scar on her front left flank. (pb 5 Fenrir, app. 6, mistaken identity: legendary Fenrir Warrior pm if have appropriate lores for info)

She stands 5'9", holds herself with a deep strength and pride.She wears and looks like the picture, only her hair is extremely long, having never cut it. She holds all the same scarring as she does in lupus. A necklace rests around her neck, holding a blue gem. She also has one made of what appear to be fangs.

Her voice has a very old almost ageless weight to it when she does speak. It is always in an almost whisper.

Common Knowledge

* She has won two challenges based on wit and intellegence
* She knows Darian
* Though she is Fenrir, she normally thinks fully before acting and likes to plan through all possibilities before acting with her fists.
* She has been known to deal with spirits
* She is not within a pack
* Silver has a very timeless way to her, and often will say things that surprise most that know her
* Fought at the Scar with the group that went, she had to be forcibly removed from Lars' side at the end.
* She remained at the Sept to protect it while the majourity of it left to go into battle against Breton.


* She has an uncanny way of knowing when the wyrm comes into the sept
* (feel free to add stuff)


This is for IC interactions, if you want to know ask her.

IC Contact Info

* As she is lupus she has no phone, spirits and howls are the best way to get a hold of her

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