VSS for Crosswinds

Crosswinds: The game takes place in the southeast of the United States. The weather is very humid, hot, and balmy, with the only break coming during the mild winters. The Sept is currently made up of most of the garou tribes, although Stargazers and Wendigo tend to be rare, fera and kinfolk.All garou tribes. Please keep the area in mind when you making a character.

Transfer policy: This is not a part of WA. I will take each pc into account, seperately if you wish to bring in a pc that is already in play. You may be asked to adjust the pc accordingly.

Style: Downtime role play is always going on. Game is ran twice a month an every alternative Wednesday. Backgrounds are required for personal plots.

Intrigue 3-5
Action 4-5
Mystery 3-5
Drama 3-5
Darkness 3-4

Antagonists: Will be revealed as the game progresses. There will be a build
up of enemies.

Mood: Dark, but living day by day. The garou and Fera are fighting a losing

Description of Crosswinds:
The Honey Island Swamp (French: Marais de l'Île-de-Miel) is a marshland located
in the eastern portion of the U.S. state of Louisiana in St. Tammany Parish.
Honey Island earned its name because of the honeybees once seen on a nearby
isle.[citation needed] The swamp is bordered on the north by U.S. 90, on the
south by Lake Borgne, on the east by the Pearl River and the west by the West
Pearl River.

It is one of the least-altered river swamps in the United States. Considered by
many to be one of the most pristine swampland habitats in the United States, the
Honey Island Swamp covers an area that is over 20 miles (30 km) long and nearly
7 miles (10 km) across, with 34,896 of its 70,000 acres (280 km²) government
sanctioned as permanently protected wildlife area. This swamp is also the home
of the legendary Honey Island Swamp monster, which has from time to time been
known as the "Tainted Keitre". Honey Island Swamp is located on the Pearl River
WMA Owned by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Name: Sept of the Crosswinds
Location: Honey Island Swamp right outside of New Orleans
Composition: Fenrir are highly represented as well as Bone Gnawers
Totem: The Honey Island Swamp Monster, known as "Noak the Ancient"
Nature: Caern of Memory
Level: 3
Gauntlet: 2 (0 at the Caern Heart)
Sept Alpha: Thrall Larssen
Elder Council: Thrall Larssen (Fenrir Grand Elder), Aika (Black Fury), Jax (Bone Gnawer), Dances in the Rain (Children of Gaia), Aine (Fianna), Cassandra (Glasswalkers), Edward (Shadow Lords), Kiya (Silent Striders), Dmtri (Silver Fangs), Open (Uktena)
Rite Mistress: Dances in the Rain
Keeper of the Land: Thera
Master of Challenges: Aine
Den Parent: Open
Gatekeeper: Open
Warder: Abriel

Places of note:
The bawn:
The common entrance used by the Garou here is an old abandoned shack with
parking area. It was once used by a company that ran guided tours until the
swamp became much to dangerous a place to visit. Since then few people travel
down the road and even fewer visit stop near the shack. From the parking lot an
old worn dock can be seen with several old rowboats tied to its posts. worn
walking paths also lead into the swamp.

The bawn is normally a dark place with ominous feel to it. Patches of land are
spaced apart by dark murky waters. Thin tall trees jut up from the water and
back down again, providing a canopy that blocks out much of the light. What can
be seen through the thin shafts of light that blaze between the branches is a
lush thick swamp full of life both day and night. snakes hang from tree limbs,
waiting for meals to pass underneath. In the water Gators can be seen awaiting
their prey and sometimes can be found basking in the mud of the shore. Bugs are
heard buzzing annoyingly at your ears. At night the frogs can be heard singing
an endless song and the low bellow of gators can be heard as they communicate
with each other. In several places green lights can be seen, orbs of moving
figures dancing along the water taunt visitors to follow them through the swamp
into sure peril. Many of the different areas of the caern are tied together
through simple bridges of wood that rest just atop the water. For longer
stretches rope bridges have been erected. If you look closely along the outer
perimeter of the caern you can find these rope bridges between the trees,
allowing the caerns protectors to hide amongst them while raining arrows and
bullets down on any potential threats. Throughout the swamp wind chimes, idols
and totems have been placed. They give the illusion of witchcraft and haunting
taking place through this area.

The Vale of the Slain:
This island is set back far from the entrance and is protected nearly as
fervently as the Caern Heart itself. Four large gray standing stones are nestled
into the soft earth, each facing the North, South, East or West. All of them are
marked with glyphs for Glory and Conquest. Tales of the greatest battles these
garou have fought are scrolled down their lengths in rune and glyph. There is a
large pyre to its south, a Dias built of stone with wood piled high atop it. To
the north, one stone stands tall and alone. Upon it is etched the name "Avenging
Angel" with the glyphs for Athro, Black Fury, Ahroun down its front. On its back
side all of her tales of renown can be read. None of the stones from the
previous sept have been transferred over.

Living Area:
The living area is set on the largest of land masses in the swamp. It is close
enough to the entrance so that defenders can act quickly but it is not too far
from the other locations as well. Set up around the living area are several
yurts, canvas constructs, that are built up on stilts in case the water rises
too high. Here there is a mess tent for the kinfolk to cook and prepare meals
and a medical center to deal with wounded garou, kin and animals as well. Of all
the areas this seems the most peaceable. Kept clean by the Keeper of the Land
and safe by those who defend it. The Alpha believes strongly that if family is
what we fight for then this area of the caern should maintain calm and
cleanliness. "Why destroy the very homes of those we fight for when our rage
overtakes us."

Upon smaller islands around the caern lie shrines dedicated to different
spirits. These shrines serve as places the spirits can be communed with, paid
homage to, or asked for aid.
Shrine of Nerigal: The largest of these shrines is the one erected to Nerigal. A
massive Double Headed Battle Axe, much larger than any man or crinos could
carry, stands tall amongst the trees. The end of its handle is encased in stone.
The edges of the blade are caked in old flaking blood.
Shrine of Fenris: This shrine is a simple stone with a wolf's paw carved into
its face. Several claw marks can be seen along its face and sides, as if it has
been used by warriors to sharpen their claws.
Shrine to Alligator: This shrine was already here when the garou moved into the
territory. It appears ancient and sparks thoughts of Egyptian ideology when
viewed. It is a statue of a man that stands with spear, his head is that of an
alligator. Much of the statue has worn with time and weather.

Assembly Area:
This island is second largest to the Living Quarters. Set around it in a semi
circle are wooden risers, each with a statue behind it depicting one of the
sept's pack totems, Nerigal, Stag, Twister, Crocodile, Black Unicorn and Nemain. There are two smaller
risers on the other side, one for visitors and one for those who are pack-less.
At the center of the land mass is a large circle of dry sand surrounded by
wooden posts. Stones are set into the ground depicting the five moon phases set
in the points of a star around this circle, Ahroun to the north and then
continuing the cycle clockwise. The trees serve as racks for weapons of every
sort, from swords to axe to hammers. Many many shields are held here as well.
This is where challenges will be viewed, councils will meet, announcements will
be made and Moots will be held. Along the shore of this island are large bales
of hay with painted targets for archery. Huge kegs of potent alcohol for
drinking contests as well as a small obstacle course for training.

The Caern Heart:
Set back deep in the swamp where light is at its least the Caern heart can be
found. It is set on a small island surrounded by thick rank mud. There is only
one way to get to it and that is a rope bridge over the alligator infested
water. Alligators can often be seen resting on its muddy shore, drawn to the
power of the caern stone. As you approach your mind is rife with memories of
your past. You see images of people from your past peaking from behind trees in
the distance. Great battles of those who call the sept home play out before you.
Ancestors and lost loved ones bid you to join them in the dark waters that
surround you. The island bears no trees, just lush green grass with the tall
caern stone nestled in the mud. Will-o-Wisps are thick here, providing a sickly
green tint of light to everything. The stone pulses and glows with power, its
glyphs glowing green as well.

The Umbra:
The umbra here is a vibrant primal place. Strength and passion for battle fuels
the local Penumbra, instilling it with vigor if not outright aggression. The
Penumbra is calm in only a few places such as the Vale of the Slain and the
Living Quarters. Throughout most of the caern, it brims with energy. Fierce
Umbral Winds blow through the area, and a rumble of distant storms can be heard
throughout the bawn. War-spirits and Raven-spirits flit about, anxiously working
off reserves of nervous energy. Tension dills the air; all in all, it's much
akin to standing on the edge of a battlefield just before the fighting breaks

Wolf spirits can be seen trudging through the muck and mire as they patrol the
grounds, obviously brought here from elsewhere to protect the bawn. Alligator
sits atop rocks and logs watching over their mundane children on the other side.
People can be seen in the trees, wearing cloaks and robes of tattered black
cloth, like reapers waiting for death to take you. Soft screams can be heard
from Will-o-Wisps luring visitors off the beaten path.

Fera: Fera are allowed on the caern, ever since their "caern" was taken away and their gnosis drained. The Fera are there on the Garou's good graces. The garou opened the caern to the Fera and in return the Fera have placed an alpha type and have agreed to have him be the leader of them. Which means that if the fera mess up, they have someone to answer to. There is currently a fragile treaty with the garou and the fera.

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