Sept Positions

This is the current holders of positions at that Crosswinds Sept

(We prefer an ST character control the position of alpha and warder, as so many players end up not coming on enough, or not supporting the game enough)

Position Title Holder
Sept Alpha Thrall
Ritesmistress Sadie Michaels "Dances in the Rain"
Master of the Challenge Aine
Keeper of the Land Thera
Caern Warder Abriel
Gatekeeper Open
Den Parent Open
Fera Alpha Quelin
Minor Position Title Holder
Caller of the Wyld Vacant
The Fool Tod
Master of the Howl Ahmed
Tale Singer Vacant
Truthcatcher Aine
Wyrmfoe Brand
Guardians Vacant
Elder Council
Auspice Title Holder
Ahroun Brand
Philodox Thrall
Galliard Open
Theurge Dances in the Rain
Ragabash Jax
Tribe Title Holder
Black Fury Aika
Bone Gnawer open
Children of Gaia Dances in the Rain
Fianna Aine
Get of Fenris Thrall
Glasswalkers Cassandra
Shadow Lords Edward
Silver Fangs Dmtri
Silent Striders Caleb
Uktena Matoskah
Pack Name Pack Alpha
Crimson Ice Thrall
Stag's Unwavering Honor Aine MacGregor
The Ebon Watch Matoskah
R. R. Edward
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