Roberta's History


"Imagine if you woke up one day to find out you could do anything you ever wanted and no one could stop you … what would you become?"
The first person at the scene was her uncle Hugh, and it was like nothing he had ever seen before. A police detective in the quickly growing but still sleepy community of Ellsworth, Maine, he had not become accustomed to extremely violent murder scenes. He had not become accustomed to seeing the body parts of children strewn about the school's swimming pool. He could never have imagined seeing his nine year old niece's healthy form, kneeling naked in the middle sobbing and apologizing.
Hugh, immediately closed off the scene, finding a known sex offender and child molester near the scene. He arrested the man, and made sure his niece was nowhere near the scene when other officers arrived.
Born Amelie Anderson, she was raised by loving, influential well involved parents. With Hugh's help, they made sure any connection Amelie had to this event was simply nonexistent. In order to ensure a conviction, Hugh had to alter some of the evidence and was never able to figure out exactly what happened. A short bit later this would no longer be an issue.
After "The incident" Amelie was pulled out of school and privately tutored. With her school's new reputation for being unable to defend its children, this was far from unheard of. Her parents kept her involved in the park district and other things in order to make sure that she had social outings with other children. It was at this point Amelie began changing. She became bossier, more aggressive. Her parents thought that some tender love and care would be able to help out, until they entered her room one day to find her in glabro, feasting on the fresh carcass of a missing neighborhood dog. When asked what she's doing, her jaw covered in blood, Amelie replied, "Getting that darn dog to finally shut up."
After an extended conversation between her parents and Hugh, the man Roberta refers to as "Uncle" was contacted. Uncle's reputation in the family, besides being some sort of black sheep drifter, was one of knowing things that shouldn't be known and being able to take care of problems too big or too strange for anyone else. This obviously fit into that category. After hearing about what was going on, Uncle rolled into town and came to meet Amelie. After he emerged from the room, shirt cut to ribbons, chest covered in blood; he said he could help, but would need to have custody of the child in order to do so.
Not wanting to give up their daughter, but unable to fathom the nightmare of raising a monster, her parents signed over custody of their Daughter to Uncle who changed her name to Roberta Corinth (as his last name was Corinth and Roberta was the name of his late mother).
Uncle had been Garou kinfolk for years and took the young girl on the road with him and her cousins looking for signs of a sept that were detectable without being Garou. This took a bit of time and travel.
In the meantime, Roberta never fully descended into the beast she was slowly becoming back home, and found herself freed by her new family and the way they saw the world. There were no societal restrictions for her anymore, just what you were willing to deal with and not deal with. Morality became a beast of motivation rather than action, making Roberta perfectly ok with doing horrible things as long as the motivation behind them was just.
Over this time she became particularly close with her cousins. She would run around with her older cousins all the time. One of them died, the other still travels with them and is nicknamed Coon boy.
The first sept the arrived at greeted Uncle and his explanation of Roberta, preparing to begin her instruction. That night they saw the sept Beta kill a Fianna kin that had angered him. No one responded. The Beta later was overheard saying, "Seriously, as long as you have a Glasswalker worth their salt what good is a Bone Gnawer, anyway?" Uncle took his young charge and disappeared that night.
He taught her all he knew about Garou society while looking for another Sept. Trying to avoid any and all who may be searching them out, he was glad none of them had their actual names but knew they had to be careful. When they finally reached another Sept, Roberta was all long black hair, tattoos and piercings. She was fourteen and raging at the world. This didn't sit well with the others and Danaya had helped her learn how and when to direct her laser eye and vicious mouth enough to survive cubhood. When Danaya left, she grew very sullen and angry, spending much of her time with Abriel.
When it did come time for her rank challenge, she ended up falling in with a school of cubs charged with the task of "surprising the Wyrm" which they did by taking a Wyrm tainted minion (on his way to becoming a famor) and saving him without the Wyrm even knowing it. Roberta was the point man who actually inserted herself into his life forcing him to change his ways. She still corresponds with him whenever she gets a chance to check her e-mail.


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