Name: Roberta Corinth

Tribe: Bone Gnawer

Auspice: Ragabash

Rank cub

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits




Can stare into fire for hours when left alone

covered in tattoos

snorts when she laughs really hard

Roberta is one of those women some might say, "would be pretty if … "

[5 Ap traits]

About 5 foot 4 inches, Roberta is a tiny woman composed of kinetic energy. Even when her body is still, her eyes are crawling across everything in the area. Her dress tends to be simple. She's normally in a tank top or a sports bra, with a pair of jeans. She wears large steel toed boots with "decorative" spikes on them that she calls her "Shit kickers." Both of her ears are gauged (about an 1 1/2 inches). Tattoos seem to cover 3/4ths of her body.


Appears to be an odd mix of gray and brown wolves, although there is a streak of jet black hair that screams down the middle of her back. Her fur is oddly matted like that of a stray dog, and she seems to be slightly smaller than a normal wolf.

cub pack

==Information known to the Nation==

Was a Cliath known as "Shoulda been an ahroun." She broke the litany becoming Churach and is a cub again.

Kin Family

Only Coonboy has been seen at the sept, in a pickup truck, picking Roberta up. Otherwise, none of them have been around. She's also never revealed where they live.

  • Uncle - The patriarch amongst 'Berta's kin. He taught Roberta most of what she knows about being an adult, and about the nation. He owns a pickup truck and a mobile home. He tends to take the entire family with him (if they want to go) whenever he moves. Old, but well respected, his word is law amongst her closest kin.
  • Coonboy - Probably the person she's closest to in the world. They often head out and get into lots of drunken trouble. Coonboy swears he'll get Berta to hang out in the woods with him long enough to live off the land without having to shift.
  • Dio - Is a tiny princess, who will bust you in the mouth if you don't realize it.

Garou Family:

Seems to have a close family history with …



Rites and Challenges


== Daily Routine ==

See Cub information …

==Actual History==
Roberta's History


Roberta on

Thrall Larssen: He's like a lion, sitting there scratching his nuts, just waiting for some damn thing to poke his ass and wake the giant.

Remus: "coolest fucking lupus I've ever met. I miss him."

Danaya: "Naya's like the older sister I never wanted." Roberta trusts Naya with things she's not likely to tell anyone else, and has always been extremely comfortable in her presence.

Xiaolian: She'd be a goddamn badass if she stopped hiding behind her fucking tribe and led like a Fostern. Fucking idiot.

Kiya: She's fun. I wouldn't trust her, but she's fun. She's too good at faking a different face for me to be sure I've seen the real one.

Alice: Too damn controlled. She's like one of them head shrinker's that's so damn scared of their own damage they close off and deal with everyone else's

Ray Morris: Guy's smarter than half the fucking Garou here, if not more. He's also smart enough not to let anyone know that, and stay off camera if you know what I'm sayin

Quelin: Is the only person I've ever met in my life that became less of a bitch when she was pregnant. I wish her many, many children.

On Roberta
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Danaya "I love and hate that girl like a sister would an annoying younger sibling who occasionaly annoys them" but she always has her back and seems to be very at ease around her and tells her things she might not others

Stella : "Bert? She's a fucking idiot. She's impulsive and too quick to make decisions. She never *thinks* first. She sees right through everyone. It's bullshit. I wish she was just stupid and clueless and brutal like everyone else."


Motorbreath - Metallica

Battering Ram -Black Label Society

Bottom - Tool

Street Fighting Man - Rolling Stones

==OOC Information==

Player Esteban

Location Chicago, IL
contact info: moc.oohay|noloC_nabetsE#moc.oohay|noloC_nabetsE

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