Renown Action Reward Chart

I. Combat and Encounters

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Besting someone (including a spirit) in a riddle contest 3
Showing restraint in the face of certain death 1 3
Ending a threat without serious harm to any Garou 5
Surviving an incapacitating wound 2
Survinvg any toxic waste attack 2
Attacking a much more powerful force without aid -3
Attacking a minion of the Wyrm without regards to personal safety 3
Defeating a minor minion of the Wyrm 2
Defeating an average minion of the Wyrm 3
Defeating a strong minion of the Wyrm 5
Defeating a very powerful minion of the Wyrm 7
…destroying or killing the minion +1
…without a single other Garou being hurt +1
…without being damaged or hurt in the process +1
…the minion(s) were armed with silver weapons +1

II. Detecting the Wyrm

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Revealing, with certain proof, that a human or Kinfolk is of the Wyrm 2
Falsely a Kinfolk of being of the Wyrm -2 -3
Revealing, with certain proof, that an area or object is of the Wyrm 3
Revealing, with certain proof, that a Garou is of the Wyrm 6
Falsely accusing a Garou of being of the Wyrm -5 -4

III. Mystical

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Purifying a Wyrm-tainted object, person or place 2
Summoning an Incarna Avatar 2
Traveling to any Umbral Ream and surviving 3
Successfully completing a spirit quest in the Umbra 3
Failing to successfully complete a spirit quest in the Umbra -5
Having properly followed a prophetic dream 5
Giving a prophetic warning that later comes out true 5
Giving a prophetic warning that later comes out false -5
Ignoring omens, dreams and the like for no good reason -3
Binding inappropriate items to oneself with Rite of Talisman Dedication (such as a chainsaw, Nintendo or wristwatch). This does not apply to Glass Walkers or Bone Gnawers. -2
Spending a year in ritualistic seclusion 5

III.1. After following mystic signs and advice

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Discovering a talen 1
Discovering a fetish 2
Discovering ancient Garou lore 4
Discovering a Pathstone 4
Discovering an ancient Caern that was lost 7

III.2. Gifts and Rites

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Performing a Moot Rite 2
Refusing to perform a Moot Rite when asked -3
Missing a Moot Rite -1
Performing the Rite of Passage 2 1
Receiving a Rite of Wounding 2
Performing a Rite of Caern Building 2 5 7
Participating in a Rite of Caern Building 5 3
Participating in a successful Great Hunt rite 3
Participating in a failed Great Hunt rite -2
Suffering the Rite of Ostracism -1 -7 -1
Suffering the Stone of Scorn -8 -2
Suffering the Rite of the Jackal -2 -7
Performing a Punishment Rite 2
Performing a Punishment Rite unjustly -5
Refusing to participate in a rite -1
Giggling, joking or otherwise being disrespectful during a rite -1 to -5
Learning a new rite 1
Discovering/creating a new rite 5
Discovering/creating a new gift 7

III.3. Fetishes

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Creating a talen 1
Using a fetish for the good of the sept or tribe 2
Using a fetish for selfish reasons only -2
Creating a fetish 4
Owning a klaive (awarded once; only after three moons of use) 2 1
Owning a Grand Klaive (awarded once; only after three moons of use) 3 2
Sacrificing a fetish for the good of the sept or tribe 4
Accidentally breaking a fetish or talen -1 to -5
Accidentally breaking or losing a klaive -3

IV. Caern Activities

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Helping guard a caern 1
Staying at your post when on caern watch, even when tempted not to 2 1
Not staying at your post when on caern watch -3
Not helping guard a caern, even when asked -3
Keeping a caern safe from humans through trickery or negotiation 4
Helping to prevent a caern from being overrun by the Wyrm 3 4
Not preventing a caern from being overrun by the Wyrm -3 -7
Died while defending a caern (posthumous) 5 5
Single-handedly preventing a caern from being taken by the Wyrm 5 ?

V. Garou Relations and Society

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Teaching another Garou (depends on the depth of study) 1-5 3-5

V.1. Breed

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
For a homid, ignoring one’s wolf nature for too long -3
For a metis, attempting to hide one’s deformity -3
For a lupus, using too many human tools and other Weaver things -1/use

V.2. Pack

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
You are Pack Leader (Awarded once, when position is gained) 3
Living alone, without one's pack, except for ritual reasons -3

V.3. Sept and Tribe

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Performing regular duties and chores for the sept 1/month
Failing to perform regular duties and chores for the sept -2/month
Serving in any sept position (caern warder, master of the rite, master of the challenge, etc) 1/year 3/year 1/year
Refusing any sept position -1 -2 -1
Loyal service to a sept 1/year 2/year 1/year
Loyal service to a tribe 1/year 3/year 1/year

V.4. Litany

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Upholding the Litany 1-5 1-3
Breaking the Litany -5 to -8 -2 to -4

V.5. Challenges

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Participating in a just challenge 1 2
Participating in an unjust challenge -3
Challenging someone too far above or below your rank (2 rank difference, i.e. a Cliath and an Adren, Fostern and Athro, etc) -3

VI. Behavior

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Giving good advice 2
Giving bad advice -2
Mediating a dispute fairly and impartially 3
Mediating a dispute unfairly -4
Keeping one’s promises 2
Failing to keep one’s promises -3
Being truthful 2
Being truthful in the face of extreme adversity 5
Being deceptive -3
Bring deceptive in the face of extreme adversity -1
Any time trickery backfires -2
Attempting to act outside one’s auspice, openly -1 to -5
Telling a good story at a moot 1 2
Telling a true epic at a moot, one that is later retold by others 2 1 3
Telling an epic that is entered into the Silver Record 3 4 6
Speaking dishonourably to one’s elders -1 to -5
Speaking without permission at a moot -1
Speaking poorly of the Garou as a whole -2
Speaking poorly of one’s auspice -4
Speaking poorly of one’s tribe -5
Speaking poorly of one’s pack -6
Speaking poorly of another tribe (does not include Bone Gnawers) -1
Crying Wolf (summoning the sept when there is no real danger) -5

VI.1. Protection and Defense

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Healing a fellow Garou (non-pack member) unselfishly 1
Showing mercy to a wayward Garou 3
Protecting a helpless Garou 4
Not protecting a helpless Garou -5
Protecting a helpless human 2
Not protecting a helpless human -1
Protecting a helpless wolf 5
Not protecting a helpless wolf -6
Supporting an innocent being accused of a crime (who is later proven innocent) 5
Supporting an innocent being accused of a crime (who is later proven guilty) -4
Death while defending your pack 4 6
Death in Sacrifice to Gaia 7 7

VI.2. Frenzy

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Character suffered a berserk frenzy -1
Character suffered a Fox Frenzy -1 -1
Character suffered a Fox Frenzy, abandoning his pack -1 -2
Character suffered a Berserk Frenzy and injured fellow Garou -3
The character was in the Thrall of the Wyrm -4
The character performed a heinous act while in Thrall of the Wyrm -6

VII. Human and Kinfolk Relations

Deed Glory Honor Wisdom
Maintaining good relations with nearby kinfolk 2
Having poor relations with nearby kinfolk -3
Choosing a mate and breeding 3
Choosing a mate but not breeding -1
Honourably mated 2/year
Protecting the Veil 4
Harming/rending the Veil -5
Repairing the Veil 3 1

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