Name - Ravenia Rothchild

nickname - Rave

Tribe - Silver Fang

Breed - Kinfolk

==Notable Traits==

Pure breed 5

friendly face

5 appearance traits

She is a young woman in her late teens standing at 5'1" she has long blonde hair that flows in waves down her back to her waist, she has sky blue eyes that allure anyone, they hold a deep weariness She has a very slender athletic frame with subtle sensual curves

She dresses in very classy clothes even her jeans and casual shirts tend to be of high quality

==Information known to the Nation==

She arrived to the sept looking for her brother

She seems to have gotten to know a new silver fang that arrived named iosef who has seemed to have some affect on her

She has started dating Iosef with plans to become mates in the future

Since the sept moved to New Orleans she has become distant with iosef

She stays with her closest friend Veronika after returning from a trip home and has started taking some classes to start a career in fashion design

She has also been known to give some speeches to local recovering addicts at meetings

She had been seen getting chummy with a Glasswalker kinfolk named Andrew Robicheaux but he is just a friend she has aquainted herself with.

A silver fang Named Dmtri was recently sent to court her as her betrothed mate

Has just found out her Brother Stanislav fell to the wyrm and was killed by Dmtri

She spent time away from the sept having gone back to be with her parents for a time to grieve for her brother but she has returned and spends time with veronika when she can


Maksim Rothchild - Father

Lizavetta Rothchild - Mother

Stanislav Rothchild - Twin Brother (deceased)

Veronika Boudreaux - Best friend/Sister

== Rumors ==


Sober by: Pink

Lithium by: Evanescence

Everybody's Fool by: Evanescence

Broken by: Seether featuring Amy Lee

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Player - Brandi Cantrall

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