Rank Challenge

Crosswinds Rank Challenging Requirements and Procedures

1. Renown Requirement: To challenge for rank your character must first obtain the renown required to rise to the next rank. (This is listed in Laws of the Wyld: Revised) For guidelines on how to earn see the renown section under house rules on the wiki. You can verify your character’s current permanent renown with a storyteller through an email or irc private msg request.

2. Time Requirements: Please note the times required below must be active consecutive roleplay. Active Roleplay is defined as soft roleplay within the month in additional the character must attend two game in the month. Once a new rank is obtained meaning the character has passed its rank challenge then the counting on the next time requirement begins. Please note we do understand that there may be a month you are unable to meet these requirements. If this is the case you should speak to Katie or Troy.
(For METIS characters the times below are doubled however as the time span is so long the metis Active Roleplay requirement is considered soft roleplay and two games every other month during the time requirement.)
• Cliath to Fostern: 6 months
• Fostern to Adren: 9 months
• Adren to Athro: 12 months
• Elder: Retired
( Active Roleplay for a Fera is considered soft roleplay and one game every other month during the time requirement.)
• Cliath to Fostern: 12 months
• Fostern to Adren: 18 months
• Adren to Athro: 24 months
• Elder: Retired

3. Pack Requirement: The character that is challenging, must be a member of an Active Pack. If the character is not in a pack they will not be eligible to begin the challenge process.

4. Rite of Accomplishment Test: Once you have verified with the storytellers that you indeed meet the qualifications for rank challenge, then your character must do the Rite of Accomplishment. Most people seek out Dances in the Rain as the rite mistress to perform the rite of accomplishment for them. If you have the rite and wish to perform it yourself you should still speak with the rite mistress if performed on the sept. If by chance this test is lost you must wait a week and attempt the rite again meaning you must again throw this test.

5. Howl of Accomplishment: Once you have verified with the storytellers than you indeed meet the qualifications for rank challenge, then the player is required to submit a howl to the general list moc.spuorgoohay|uoraGsdniwssorC#moc.spuorgoohay|uoraGsdniwssorC The howl should speak of your characters accomplishments that brought you to the renown to challenge and why your character feels they are ready to advance in the nation.

6. Frenzy Test: Once your character’s howl of accomplishment is out on the general list there will be a week waiting period in which we allow for the RAGABASH to heckle your character meaning they mock your character with actions they have or have not done in the past and attempt to make your character frenzy. If at the end of the week a character(s) has howled back heckling your character’s howl you will be required to throw a frenzy test. However, if no one howls back heckling your character’s howl there will be no frenzy test required.

If your character fails the frenzy test then the character is not truly ready to challenge as it can not face the words of its accusers. Therefore the character must wait one month and then howl again then repeat this challenge.

7. Challenging: Once you have completed all the above and won the required test(s), your character may then challenge another character of higher rank. At this point the character you challenge will give you the tests and feats your character must complete successfully to gain the next rank. Please realize it might take the player a couple days to come up with a challenge for your character.
Please note challenging friends is alright but if the challenge is not worthy of the rank the spirits will not accept it. Therefore you may wish to consult a storyteller on the rank challenge if you are not sure. Those issuing the rank challenge should take into account the areas that their character believes that the challenging character should work on to become a better garou and deserving of the higher rank.
If available, it is best to challenge one of your tribe or auspice. However, if you have challenged the same character for a previous rank you should choose a new character to challenge if possible regardless of tribe or auspice. Also one should never challenge member of their own pack.

8. Completion of Rank Challenge: Please realize Characters do fail rank challenges. It is not a guaranteed thing. Once you have successfully completed a rank challenge in the eyes of the ST Staff and the one that gave the rank challenge. Then the Character you have challenged will Howl to the general list the requirements of the challenge, your characters accomplishments in completing, and give your character a new deed name. You May Not Earn Renown For Actions Completed In You Rank Challenge.

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