R.R Pack


Pack Purpose

The R.R. pack's purpose is to avoid the apocalypse, to make Gaia look awesome, and to look awesome in the process of doing just that.

Pack Members

Edward Constantine - Alpha

Saskia Novakova - Pack Badass


Dylan Manning

Pack Allies and Family

Linley - Edward's Mate

Common Knowledge

They are a roving pack, that is sent hither and yon to help where Shadow Lord numbers need shoring or when there's an issue.


  • They secretly follow Typhon…Just like the Shadow Lord who went Spiral
  • They're here to kill a traitor
  • They only took Twilight into the pack to hurt Gwen

Typical Activities

the pack can usually be found patrolling, training in the Challenge Circle, or on their downtime spending time on individual activities.



IC Contact Info

Easiest way to find a member of the pack is by cell (if you have the number), spirit, through howl, or through another packmate

The pack can normally be found somewhere on the sept.

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