Places Of Interest

This list is nowhere NEAR complete, but it's a good source for those newer players who aren't sure where else to RP ASIDE from the Bawn. Feel free to add to this small list of anything you can think of, but only if it's a room that's been used or will be used, more than once. If the channel is missing, it's because either A) Unsure of the preferred name for the channel, or B) Hasn't been used yet.

The Sept of Crosswinds

* #Crosswinds

The parking lot is a two mile hike, or run if you prefer, from the bawn area. The caern is located deep in the woods, surrounded by seven ponds and what looks to be a very old oak tree at the center of the largest pond. The bawn area is covered in trees and bushes. Cabins scatter the area. This is obviously a very wyld caern.

* #CW_DiningHall

The main dining area for the Sept. Nothing too special about it.

* #CW_TrainingCircle

The Training Circle for the Garou and Kinfolk of the Sept. It's also been used as the Challenge circle a few times.

* #CW_Woods

The woods surrounding the main gathering area. Most folks come here for private chats.

* #CW_ArcheryRange

An Archery Range set a ways back in the woods where the archers on the sept can practice and Hone their skills.

Fenrir Ranch

* #CW_Ranch

The Fenrir Ranch. Nearly anyone is welcome to come visit, but the ranch is home to the members of the Crimson Ice pack, as well as their Kinfolk.

Thera's Place
Thera's house. Her Scarification studio is located here, and people are generally welcome here, with an appointment of course.

Heart's Song

* #CW_Heart'sSong

Newly Opened Irish pub and eatery in Moble, owned and managed by Colleen O'Byrne, kin to the Fianna.

Mechanics shop run and owned by Dahlia.

Valhalla Tattoo
Tattoo Parlor owned and operated by none other than Thrall

Gym owned by Gunnar somewhere in town

Dante's Inferno
Clothing Shop run by Donatello

The Sheep Walk In

A traditional Irish Pub owned by Jerry Butler and frequented by the Stag Pack

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