Penelope Karadakis

Name - Penelope Karadakis

Tribe - Black Furies

Auspice - Ragabash

Rank - Adren

Breed -Homid

Notable Traits -She has a deep brand in her left shoulder, left by Aries, the God of War.

Pack -Cat's Meow, dedicated to Panther.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin/Family: Her mate Dances the Moonlit Path, a Kitsune. She is not related to, but has taken under her wing, Aaralyn and considers her a sister. Theron of the Mokole has gotten closer to her than most and she considers him a brother.

Rites and Challenges: Rite of Passage, she drank the Elusian wine and has seen her death and seen the atrocities that men have placed upon women and refuses to fall in love. She ran a gauntlet on her rite of passage and survived. She then was tested as a ragabash and was sent to scout out areas of the wyrm and reported her findings to the alpha. Her Cliath name was Dark Light. Her fostern challenge, she was sent to a village to help find a cure for babies who were dying. The cure was simple, kill the fomori who were making them sick. She used her ragabash gifts and slayed the fomori. She was then called Suffer the Little Children. Then for her Adren challenge she was sent to the Amazon to help in the war for a year. She came back and dedicated herself to Panther and now goes once a year to help in the Amazon.

*She and Ray and Toshi slaughtered a whole bar of Leeches in one night.
*She and others were prey in a game set by the Gods and Goddesses.
*She is the warder to Crosswinds.
*She was sent back in time to the Wild West and the only clothing she had was a whores outfit.

== Rumors ==
*She has a son, whose father is Toshi, named Alexander.
*She gave the son to her sister to raise.
*She hates ALL men.
*She only claimed a mate to keep other men away from her.
*She secretly has a crush on Theron.
*She has Toshi killed.
*She hated Aaralyn at first.
*She hates Hunter.
*Aries has claimed Penelope as his mate.
*She hates anything weavery.
*She thinks most of the people on the caern are stupid.
*She avoids Thrall at all costs.
*She respects Ray. He may not like Gaia, but he at least stands by his beliefs.
*She has a treehouse, which she sleeps in.
*She avoides people.
*Her and Aaralyn are best friends and she even protects her, but teaches her how to use her other senses.
*Aaralyn is the only one she considers a true friend.
*Penelope miscarried recently.
*She has stayed away from everyone mainly.
*She stays in her treehouse all the time recently.
*She thinks that Tamara talks too much for a Ragabash.
*She thinks that Tamara needs to work on her people skills.


==OOC Information==

Player - NPC

Location -

Contact info -Penelope carries no phone on her. Penelope can be found patrolling or in the woods, where she can stay away from everyone. People who know her, know where to find her.

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