Nyx Damalis

Name: Nyx Ophelia Damalis

Player: Katie Nance

Aliases: None

Creature Type: Kinfolk (Black Furies)

Title: She has carried the title of kick boxing championship for four years now.

Description: She looks tough. She has medium brown hair, big dark brown eyes. She has an olive complexion. She stands at five feet, six inches and is very curvy. She is built like a brickhouse and doesn't take any shit from anyone. She has a bellybutton ring and a tattoo on her upper right shoulder blade of the Black Fury tribe symbol. She is very toned and quite attractive. She has PBx3 Black Fury, Gorgeous x 2, Seductive x 2, Magnetic x 1, Intimidating x 3. She usually wears shorts, Sports bra or, tank top, boots and fingerless fighting gloves.

Notable Traits: She has a tattoo on her upper right shoulder blade, which is the Black Fury tribal symbol, in Japanese it means Warrior Woman. She wears a wedding band on her finger and has a locket at her throat, if asked to open it, she doesn't. She has a bellybutton ring which is a black rose in her navel.

Common Knowledge: Nyx runs the commune for Crosswinds. The commune is a fully functioning work of art. It is a finely tuned machine. Many kin live there, kin with no place to go, kin who do not wish to stay on the bawn, and kin who have lost families. Nyx has taken in many women kin who are looking for a place of refuge. There are gardens there, full of vegetables, herbs and fruits. The commune grows all sorts of things. There are cabins for most of the people there. There is a singles dormitory. There is a dorm for men and one for women. There are communal showers and many kin live in tents as well. There is a messhall, made up like a log cabin. There are cooks and many other duties the kin perform to keep it going. They make anything that the garou need. Clothes, baskets, etc… Everything is done with natural ingredients. They make shampoo, soaps, all sorts of things. Nyx also teaches Women's self defense classes on the commune for any kin wanting them. She teaches in the city to normal women Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. She works in soup kitchens on the weekends and holidays. It is said, she has a soft spot for children, especially girls. She walks the streets at night, talking to prostitutes, giving them her card to get in touch with her to get off the streets. She also teaches a women's empowerment class on Tuesday nights. She runs Calliope's women and childrens shelters financially and works as a counselor to help abused women and children find places to stay. She also goes to hospitals to help out rape victims. It is said that Nyx is one of the hardest working women in the nation, but it is not sure if she works so hard to drive herself or to forget things she will not talk about. She also helps out at the medical lodge and helps Dances in the Rain. She takes in children who are orphaned by the war. She cares for each and every one of them. She has a schoolhouse just built for their teachings. Keeley O'Connell is the head teacher there. Nyx goes to the school and plays with the children and also teaches them history and crimes against humanity.

History: Nyx was born to a father named Nikolas and her mother was Athena. She was born on July 10, 1989. She loved her parents and they loved her. Her mother was a garou. Her father ran a kickboxing gym. Nyx would go and work out and watch the men and want to be like them one day. The men would laugh at her, saying that no female would ever be as good as they were. Nyx was determined from childhood to prove them wrong. She loved her parents and her mother would take her to visit with her pack and they would all laugh and spend time with young little Nyx. She loved her mother's pack, hugging them all the time. She would play with them and they would make sure no harm came to her. They taught her how to defend herself, how to punch the boys in the nose to keep them from taking anything that didn't belong to them. This taught Nyx to be a little aggressive when she was young. The pack lived in New Orleans, so did Nyx with her family. She grew up learning from her mothers knee. The caern was located in the swamps of La., in the Bayou. Nyx would go with her mother to help women everywhere. The prostitutes, the rape victims, she started helping her father at an early age to start women self defense classes. She loved her father, who loved women. He loved their tempers, their faces, and their ways. Her mother died when Nyx was fourteen. They were all on a picnic in the local park. A pack of BSD's came out of nowhere. Athena pushed Nyx towards her father and screamed at them to run. He grabbed their daughter, and Nyx looked back as she watched the pack rape and destroy her mother. It is said she can't get the image out of her head. Nyx moved to Alabama with her father, and he did so, hoping she would forget what happened, but she hasn't. When Nyx turned eightteen she married a young Child of Gaia who was located in the sept nearby, name of Crosswinds. He loved her tremendously, and honored her family and tribe. They eventually had a daughter, her name was Arielle Athena. The caern was attacked one day and that is the last day that Nyx saw her family. Her father died during the battle and Nyx brought him back to New Orleans to scatter his ashes in the bayou that he and her mother loved so much. Now she keeps to herself. About a year ago, she did take another mate…Jason of the Bone Gnawers. He died in the mirror realm and she refuses to speak much about him. She is now afraid that she is cursed to lose anyone she loves, and refuses men.

*She is cursed.
*Her daughter and husband were killed during a battle.
*She was the one to find Thrall after the hurricane.
*She has a thing for Randall.
*She misses Jason.
*She is wanted by crime lords and pimps.
*She is a famous kickboxer.
*She loves music.
*She is addicted to gummy bears.
*It is hard to get to know her.
*The locket she wears has pictures of her family.
*She hates kinfuck.
*She is tough.
*She takes in little orphaned children of the nation.
*She is taken with Nicolas of the Children of Gaia tribe.
*She is madly in love with Nicolas.
*She has ties to the nuns at Catholic churches.

IC Contact:
She carries a cellphone.

OOC Contact:
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