Mitnicks History

A message typed then destroyed minutes later, unlike the actual information from his past which he used his Bureaucratic influences to "lose" long ago:

I feel as though I am undergoing a period of flux. This time, this present, is going to produce a new Alex, perhaps a new Mitnick, that was previously nonexistent. Thus, I feel the odd necessity to process such change in words, allowing me to read, edit and ultimately delete, that which for me will define who I have been and who I am becoming.

I loathe the Wyld with every part of my being, yet acknowledge that it is the punishment of this member of the Triad that forced me into a position that my only true human contact was with Ashara, thus welding the ties between us turning infatuation and lust into actual love. I am not used to love. It is refreshing.

My parents had a deep love, but died when I was ten. Part of me fantasized about training with foreign martial artists and avenging their deaths in a pair of fancy undergarments patterned after some fearful creature or another. No part of me was prepared for the bastards overseeing the corporation to systematically carve it to pieces, leaving me with nothing while they walked away richer than they could have imagined. Being a ward of the state was a surprise as well. Perhaps it was my resentment over my predicament. Perhaps it was the fact that I was often much smarter than the adults called upon to provide care for me. Perhaps it was the fact that the knowledge that I had some sort of trust in my name that wouldn't mature till I was 18 put dollar signs in people's eyes. Perhaps passive aggression is the only tool of the weak when no one will listen to their words of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

That, will never be mentioned again. I put a hole in the wall reading that last sentence, and it doesn't befit a proper Glasswalker to hold onto that sort of rage. I am a being of control, control, control.

Luckily I was a good student. Amongst all else, my parents Richard III (which of course makes him sound like the royalty he truly was) and Andrea placed within me a need to work hard and succeed in any environment. They were not the parents who said that I could be anything when I grew up. They were the parents who told me that anything worth doing will require hard work and dedication. They told me that fear was a sign that I was moving in the right direction and that once I was confident in it, the fear would either dissipate or drive me. Upon turning 18 the small trust was turned over to me, my foster parents at the time found themselves arrested for some crime or another. Evidence is so easy to plant once you've seen the things for which the police look, and the last thing I needed was someone attempting to use my college funds in a manner not benefiting me.
So, between the trust and my status as a ward of the state, I was able to attend university without worries of money. It was rewarding. Half of those rewards were academic, the other half soothed my nerves along with the rest of my flesh and allowed me to focus more on my academics. I took to law easily and readily, but chose to double major in the social sciences. I charted a possible career path and knew that it was important for me to never allow others to be within the circumstance I found myself placed.
My truest friends at the time were the law students. More than anyone they seemed to have the wit, intellect and for all intents and purpose, ego to provide the entertaining conversations and nights of Bacchic celebration that were necessary for me at that time. I still keep in touch with many of them. Often I am asked why I bothered passing the bar if not to practice. They don't seem to understand that some things are necessary for personal growth. Some things are the components for evolution. While I was an effective social worker, being promoted quickly enough to oversee files for others while working in unison with legal and police structures, at that time of my life such things were mere backdrop.
The truth was that I had been securing my power base. All free time was dedicated to creating the friends necessary to what I wanted. Police officers, judges, all the nobodies who push pencils all day within their offices. I caroused with all of them, using my voice, my friendships, the trust others foolishly place in good experiences to make all of their lives better. I became the oil in the machine, and I'd be damned if there wasn't anything I could make it do.

There were three men responsible for my lack of a proper childhood. The first one I amassed a wealth of information upon and blackmailed clumsily. He killed himself, rather than live to see the information released. This was not fulfilling. The second of the men found his world drying up around him. Important files disappeared, no temp could be trusted, I soured his entire infrastructure, watching him thrash around. I then used my few remaining influences in high society and publicly offered aid, with the only caveat being his revelation of one fact only the two of us knew. Thus he publicly refused the aid of the rich and powerful. They were insulted and he ended up destitute and alone, harassed by police and legal services till he was homeless and insane. It is good to have friends.
The third was the strongest willed of them all. I caught him in a thick web of blackmail that seemed to have one opening. I planned to allow him a chance to sell his soul, dismembering his life, leaving his beloved family and destroying all he's built only to later discover such acts led him to his ultimate defeat. It was a lovely plan. I've modified it and keep it in my head in case such foes arise in the future. When I offered him the aid, he wanted to meet in a "safe" place. I had not known that he found out about what happened to the others, and was willing to gamble that the entire thing would fall apart without the lynch pin.
In the hotel room I remember being excited about the surprise, the change in plans when he pulled out his revolver aiming it towards my head. It was the most erotic moment I've ever shared alone with a man. Unfortunately, he fired.
Upon awaking, I managed to separate all the major portions of his body, smash his teeth out, burn the abandoned building to which he brought us to the ground and dispose of him in places never to be discovered. It took time and effort, but all things do.
After this I set myself up as an independent operative. I mostly appear in court providing powerful testimony either supporting or dismissing the claims of someone with less expertise than myself. I also serve to aid protective services by reviewing cases and providing recommendations or investigating cases that are too difficult (read: red tape) for purely governmental agencies. I have no true power other than offering opinions, officially. Unofficially, I serve as a liaison between the police, the lawyers and child services allowing everyone to get what they ultimately want at some time or another. At least when I'm not watching out for cubs or abusing my power to aid Gaia, that is.

I remember the first time I was cleansed. My skin sizzled. I thought it was just some strange portion of ritual back then, but now I know that I was well on a walk towards the Wyrm. I am grateful that I was found when I was.
Now I am a loving husband and soon to be a father. Now, I am trying out this monogamy thing, in hopes that I will not lose Ashara. It is odd, actually caring for a woman. Now I am a Cliath who does more than most Fostern sans recognition. Now things will have to shift again. I am moving, growing, obtaining. Now is the time to restate goals, and conquer them.

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