Micajah Diakos

Micajah Icarus Diakos


Player: Reila


  • Other Names:
    • Mica
    • Hey guy!

Creature Type: I bet you'd love to know

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Black Fury

Moon: Full

Rank: N/A

Pack: N/A


  • Doctorate of Psychology so that’s Dr. Oily Bastard to you!


Basic Homid Description:
Micajah stands at just over six feet tall, and though lithely muscled he is by no means a bulky bruiser. His hair is deep inky black with tinges of blue in it when the sun hits it right, a result of breeding and not anything artificial. He wears a perpetual five o'clock shadow on his jaw, and a steely pride in his deep blue eyes. They slant slightly and have flcks of silver around the pupil. He commonly dresses in pale colored button down shirts of natural fabrics, and jeans with hiking boots.. though if the occasion warrants it, he does clean up nicely. Ordinarily wearing contacts, he will -rarely- be seen with a pair of black rimmed diamond shaped glasses perched on his nose.
{Black Fury pure breed x5, appearence based socials x3}


Mother: Wrath of Pegasus to the nation. She is the Alpha of the Sept of Endless Waves in Crete, Greece and an Elder Theurge. She is -very- active in garou politics in Europe, and is bull-headed and more ferocious in combat then her years would lead one to beleive. You have to be tough to still be a breathing Garou at 50.

Father: Deceased. Mica doesn't ever mention him.

Cousin: Deceased. Calliope Terpsichord was the first love of Mica's life.. and in his opinion should -still- be there right beside him. She died nobly and in great sacrifice for Crosswinds, and Cajah will never forget her.

Perseus is the oldest of Mica's four children. At 11, this young man along with his siblings is currently in the care of their Grandmother in Greece until such time as Mica decides they can all join him. He is a typical preteen.. more rough and tumble then his sister, and in a phase of 'collections' He gets his dark hair and tawny complexion from his father, and his icy eyes and lanky frame from his mother.

Persephone is three minutes younger then her identical twin brother, and goes out of her way to be more feminine then any 11 year old has a right to be to make sure she is -never- mistaken for him. She abhors getting dirty, wont be caught dead in anything other then a dress and is whole heartedly of the impression that her Father is an idiot.
Both of Mica's sired children have Fury pure breeding 1

Apollo is the three year old son of his cousin, whom he has adopted.
Artemis is his three year old twin sister.

Common Knowledge

  • Micajah has a doctorate of Pyscology, and worked with social services in new orleans as a case worker before he left.
  • Was desperately and hopelessly in love with his cousin, whom he finally got together with, only to have her die weeks later. He still misses her terribly, and blames Thrall for letting her die.
  • Is kind of obsessive about his hair..

Daily Routine

  • Currently he is just settling back in, making the rounds and trying to meet all the new people


// Ask and ye shall receive//


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In Character Contact Information

Mica has a cell phone which the number will be given icly. if you don't know him or haven't gotten it from someone who does. don't try and call random digits =p


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Player Information

Player: Reila

Time Zone: Central
Location: South

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.liamg|dlywsmaerD#moc.liamg|dlywsmaerD
    • Please list CW - <Micajah> in the beginning of the subject line.
  • IRC: Reila_ooc
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