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<Meli_starr> I know when to get elbow deep in a wyrm vagina to prevent bane babies. But I can only hit a target two out of three times with a firearm

Ray - " It's a New version of Russian Roulette…. Lets throw things at the Elder till he frenzys

  • Meli_Crinos- i would like a physical to fist the woman.
  • War-Pooka{Umbra} - lol
  • Meli_Crinos - crinos fist should be able to block a vagina and stop bane births
  • Meli_Crinos- especially with the claws extended.

Ray_Morris- Now see you know its the shit when Micheal Myers and leatherface show up to your wedding.

  • Ray_Morris- Well folks….I think its about time I go…seal the deal. (Referring to his wedding night with Siobhan)
  • Mathew-Steeltalon-YOU CAN DO IT

  • Thrall-Larssen blinks as he looks out the window.
  • Gunnar screams THRALL!!!!! as he drives by

  • Siobhan_Morris looks quite upset and angry.
  • Ray_Morris-Want a pony? Ill get you a pony. Just stop pouting!
  • Ray_Morris sighs defeatedly

"Stay.. umm.. wait a minute" *grins and stands up* ~ Annie (kinfolk) to Bites the Mailman (Lupus Fostern Ahroun)

<Thrall_Larssen> Damn right they are…first time Dahlias Vagina bites me Im biting it back.
<Thrall_Larssen> What? I fight the wyrm, fight the weaver, fight the gods, last thing I need to do is fight my wife's vagina."

<Ray_Morris> Well when its my family its RAYmerica…and in RAYmerica you dont fuck garou who aint Bone Gnawers, and you dont fuck metis cause you cant have babies to make the family stronger…and Glasswalkers stay out of the First Families bidness

<Panya> If we can not care for her ourselves, and the furies were not there when she needed them i can think of worse wardens than an Child of Gaia.
<Cameron_Grey> I think its pretty insulting to the Furies…not there when she needed them? They are everywhere. I bet you if I threw a rock into the woods a menstrating fury would frenzy through the brush and attack me for it

<Spirit_Touched> any pack or group of packless ready to adopt a former pack alpha that's gotten the unique honor of seeing the dead bodies of each and every member of his former pack, and is somehow still alive?
<Spirit_Touched> …
<Spirit_Touched> I'm potty trained

  • Aine_MacGregor coughs

<Aine_MacGregor> thank Gaia for that part

<Keeley_OConnell> Look here mister fae…if you are going out with us girls…you need to change.
<Keeley_OConnell> your clothes that is.
<Aine_MacGregor> She will always be a kid to me..

  • Aine_MacGregor smiles

<Aine_MacGregor> so to the house to change?

  • Brom_Forsythe looks down, "What is wrong with my clothes?"

<Keeley_OConnell> If you want to stand out like a sore thumb….go for it.

  • Keeley_OConnell stands up and dusts off her hands on her grass stained jeans.

<Aine_MacGregor> You look "super"
<Inessa_Erikson> They scream looking for the right man.

  • Aine_MacGregor laughs
  • Inessa_Erikson looks at Aine and laughs
  • Keeley_OConnell laughs.

  • Arkin lets out a crazy war cry


  • Thera_Andersen laughs and puts her fists up
  • Arkin comes at her like a spidermonkey and scratches her arm
    • Thera_Andersen looks at him, then looks at her arm.

<Thera_Andersen> Did you just scratch me?
<Thera_Andersen> Are we bitch fighting?!

  • Arkin stops looks at her and looks at her arm

<Arkin> Honey your bleeding
<Thera_Andersen> You are fighting like a bitch!

  • Thera_Andersen starts slapping him, just sort of…gay flailing her arms in his direction

<Arkin> OHHH so when you do it Its Ok BUT WHEN I DO it I am Fighting Like a Bit… AHAHAH

  • Arkin swings wildly back all girlly like

<Arkin> Not the eyes
<Thera_Andersen> Bitch! YOu make me so mad, I'm gonna pull out my weave!

  • @Gunnar drives his knee into Seans back stretching him out tighting his grip and pulling hard
  • Sean_Walsh lets out a massive fart
  • @Gunnar stops pulling and just stares
  • @Gunnar rolls over laughing so hard he tears up

  • JesseS shrugs…"Figure men and women are all pretty much exactly the same. They want the same shit and have the same feelings. Fuckin' sucks some women are to oppressed or repressed to admit it even to themselves but that's your high society types for you. On the street we're all the same. Woman's as liable to compliment a man's ass as a Man is a woman's…
  • @Calliope_Terpsichord arches her brows.

<JesseS> Sex ain't nothin' to be ashamed of
<@Calliope_Terpsichord> Well…please…do…turn around.
<Wyatt> Dude… thats deep
<@Calliope_Terpsichord> Let me see your ass.

  • Wyatt turns and bends slightly
  • @Calliope_Terpsichord does a turn around motion with her hand to Jesse, "You too."
  • Wyatt pulls up his duster as an afterthought
  • JesseS turns around and pulls up the back of his army jacket. His ass really isn't half-bad

<Wyatt> Dude… I think this is gonna be bad….

  • @Calliope_Terpsichord checks their asses out and chuckles lightly. "Alright…not half bad….."
  • Wyatt looks over his shoulder and just shakes his head

<@Nightwhisper> Furies drive me nuts except nyx
<JesseS> Yeah Nyx is pretty fuckin' awesome
<JesseS> Fantastic ass
<@Nightwhisper> She could kick someones ass with that ass
<JesseS> but what a way to go
<@Nightwhisper> True.. Death by nyx butt slam does sound appealing
<@Nightwhisper> And Glorious
<@Nightwhisper> the fenrir would be jealous

<Inessa_Erikson> Thera just has a very small penis.
<Thera_Andersen> she can't wear tank tops off sept as is

  • Inessa_Erikson ducks

<Thera_Andersen> Whatever.
<Thera_Andersen> She's got a huge dick.
<Thera_Andersen> His name is Thrall
<Thera_Andersen> and he's her pack alpha.

Via the Shadowlordy Packlink about a demonic summoning ritual:
[22]Mari_Hispo: seriously, they left evil demonic ritual instructions just lying about
[22]Mari_Hispo facepalms
[12]Ed_Crinos: yes
[22]Mari_Hispo:seriously I mean this is like…when did evil get stupid
[12]Ed_Crinos: its what happens when you let all your full time evil employees go and hire temporary contractor evil henchmen so you don't have to pay benefits
[22]Mari_Hispo: It honestly makes it almost not fun or worth it. I mean a little effort once in a while. We jumping in to help twister?

Followup OOC:
[22]Mari_Hispo: I almost did an "In my days evil would never just leave an instruction manual out and if they did it would squirt acid in your face" comment. I hope you are happy :P
TRoVeR_ST: lol

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