Meli Starr

Name: Meli Starr "Little Grandmother" Unofficially known as "Encyclopedia Anorexia"

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: Galliard

Breed: Homid

Notable TraitsUktena pbx1, 4app.


Homid Meli looks to be around 20 or 21, and despite being 5'9", she probably weighs about 100lbs, making her frighteningly thin. She looks to be Cherokee, and is often rather disheveled. 9 days out of 10, her clothes are inside out, shoes mismatched, hair is a mess, ink stains on her hands, etcetera. She carries a backpack that looks to weigh more than she does, and is most often found reading or sorting herbs and plants.

Her voice is soft, but carries well, and during normal conversation, she's prone to talking to your knees, or hers, and keeping her hands in her lap, but when she tells stories, she gets much more animated, nearly making eye contact, and emphasizing things with graceful hand movements.

She seems to be scared of pretty much everything that's bigger than her, and is almost always smiling shyly at people, generally volunteering for anything that she thinks people might need help with.

Meli's is a very thin, fairly bony, north american timberwolf. She's light grey, and tends to blend in easily with the shadows, rarely drawing attention to herself. She can often be found hunting with the lupus kin, and when on missions where people won't see her, it's generally her preferred form.

Ebon Watch (Black Unicorn)
Burning Dusk (Typhon)

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin family Mercetis DeSoto (deceased)

Garou Family: Wicca (gone)

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==

*She's generally not sure what day it is or where her shoes are, but she knows at least a little bit about absolutely everything, and a whole lot about myths, gods, religions, and spirits. If she doesn't know the answer to a question, she knows who does.
*She's won't eat meat when she's in homid, but she has been known to hunt with the lupus.
*Student at Tulane for cultural anthropology and religious studies.
*She has some weird friends, among most of the fera including Rokea, and some that even she isn't sure what exactly they are, just that they're nice.
*She's surprisingly skilled in a fight, and very good at combat, though she prefers pack tactics to one on one.
*She is the youngest of a large family, who keep track of her from a distance, mostly kinfolk, mostly Uktena, on a reservation that's only a few hours drive away.


==OOC Information==

Player TroubleKitten
Location Iowa
contact info: moc.oohay|ytibbatsel#moc.oohay|ytibbatsel

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