Player: Lee Jennings

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Creature Type: Garou

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: Philadox

Breed: homid

Rank: Fostern

Pack: <Enter Pack>


Homid Description:
Matoskah is 6 ft
has well tanned skin
his hair is shoulder length and dark brown

Lupus Description:
a slender Brown fured wolf with slighty darker markings around his maw and shoulders and Tail
Crinos Description:
his Crinos Form has brown Markings along his maw and around his hands otherwise nothing of the ordinary
Notable Traits:

Everyday Outfit:
Matoskah Typically wears a Beaded Tribal vest jeans and mochasins with a necklase around his neck

Battle Gear:
typical weapons he carrys are a bow with a quiver and a spear


  • Luyu Oxendine
    • Mate
    • Studying to be a Pediatrician and an OBGYN
  • Winona Skuyela
    • Newborn Daughter
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Common Knowledge

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Daily Routine

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Matoskah was born on a Sioux Indian Reserve Just Outside Alberqueque new mexico he grew up learning both the Modern and Ancestral Tribal ways he had a Childhood Sweetheart the Cheifs daughter Luyu Oxedine though they didnt do more then kiss a few time Luyu was his true love they did everything together shortly after his 16th Birthday Matoskah went through his first change and not knowing luyu was a kin moved away from the area scared what he was would scare Luyu away he joined a Wandering pack and moved from place to place never able to settle Luyu always on his mind 7 years later still wandering MAtoskah returned to the old reservation to find the chief had sent Luyu away to find Mate Realising how silly he was and that Luyu was a KIn he followed her to the swamps surrrounding the city of New Orleans he found her quickly finding she had taken a mate but the Mate she had taken had been Killed while away on some Sept mission MAtoskah watched over Luyu still scared to approach her for several days he eventually plucked up the courage to reveal himself to her after the initial shock and a few Tears matoskah and luyu settles back to how it was 7 years previously


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IC Contact Info

  • can be contacted either through his Mate Luyu or by howl if hes not around


OOC Information

Player: Lee Jennings

Time Zone: GMT or BST depends on the time of the year +6 hrs to CST

Location: England UK

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