Deed Names
"Mystery's Voice"
"Fastball Special"

Breed FormLupus
TribeSilent Strider


Masika is a very small black Jackal (PBx3). She watches everything with honey yellow eyes. She maybe a short one for the run but she's a tough looking little creature. She weighs roughly 12-15lbs depending on how much Silver has made her eat. When she meets you for the first time she will approach carefully and watch you as she sniffs from the bottom up. Those that she knows get used to eventually having their lap invaded.
As a human she's very short, barely 5ft tall and usually remains quiet. Her speech in English is nearly baby talk so she doesn't open her mouth much. She has the build of a runner and seems to never wear clothes that fit right. She's recently had a hair cut and is learning to pass as a human when the time is needed.

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