Kristof Markov

Player: Tyler


Creature Type: Kinfolk

Tribe: Black Fury

Breed: Homid

Pack: <Enter Pack>

Date of Birth: <Enter Date >


Homid Description:
<What does your actual character look like in Homid? Only items the character always is seen with should be put in this section. >

Notable Traits:
<List notable traits, such as scars, deformities, tattoos, etc.>

Everyday Outfit:
<How does your character typically dress in everyday life? This is how other characters will most often see your character.>

Battle Gear:
<When dressed for battle, what does your character wear? This includes such things as armor and any obvious weapons.>



  • Aikaterina Savakis
    • Mate
    • Black Fury, Galliard, Fostern
  • <Family Member Name>
    • <Relation to character>
    • <Some basic information>
  • <Family Member Name>
    • <Relation to character>
    • <Some basic information>

Common Knowledge

  • <List what is commonly known about your character here>
  • <hit enter and type more stuff>
  • <keep going>


  • <List some juicy gossip about your char>
  • <it doesn't have to be true>
  • <just things that people would hear>
  • <Let others add more>

Daily Routine

  • <What does your character do everyday?>
  • <Keep going>
  • <Is there anything that is only certain days?>


[Character History] (The info in here is not to be assumed to be in character knowledge unless specifically told by the player or the ST for a specific reason. This is place to share what you created about your character but it is not absolutely needed. If the character has secrets that may be dangerous you may elect to leave this section blank or to only post part of the history.) You could also put Quest information here.


  • <List some quotes by or about your char>
  • <Add more>
  • <Keep going>

IC Contact Info

  • <How can people reach your character?>
  • <What are the common locations that your character may be found at?>
  • <list it if your char is no longer reachable due to moving away, death, or whatever>


  • <List a Song that Fits the Character> ~ <List the Artist> (<Enter Year or other info>)
  • <List a Song that Fits the Character> ~ <List the Artist> (<Enter Year or other info>)
  • <List a Song that Fits the Character> ~ <List the Artist> (<Enter Year or other info>)

OOC Information

Player: <Enter Player Name>

Time Zone: <Enter Time Zone>

Location: <Enter Geographic Area>

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: <Enter Email Addy>
    • Please list Crosswinds: <Enter Character Name> in the beginning of the subject line.
  • IRC: <Enter Main Nick>
  • <Add Whatever Else You Want to Like Instant Messengers>


  • Other Characters:
    • <Link to Another Character You Play>
  • <List more Links such as the real life model's page>
  • <List anything else that you want>

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