Kinfolk Character Creation

Kinfolk Character Creation

Character creation rules are as per the Laws of the Hunt Revised (Red Book) with exceptions shown below or mentioned in the House Rules Section of the Wiki.
Any character that is not a Homid Born Garou or a basic kinfolk requires an in-depth background. Please understand that just because you write a background and send in the sheet it does not mean it will be approved. Even if there is an opening for the character type in the census it doesn’t mean that your concept will fit into the game setting.

Step 1 - Association (Kinfolk) and Select Tribe (Add Note to Entry type in Tribe)

*** We do not allow Red Talens, Stargazers, OR Wendigo

Step 2 – Select a Nature and Demeanor

Step 3 – Starting Willpower is 3

Step 4 - Spend Attribute Points: 6 in Primary, 4 in Secondary, and 3 in Tertiary.

Step 5 – Optional: Select up to 5 negative traits for freebies points.

Step 6 - Select Ability Points (5). Note: At this point you also get 5 free Lore in addition.

*** Lores above level 3 may not be taken at creation.

Step 7 - Spend Background/Influence Points (3).

***Note: Background/Influence cost level may not exceed 3 at creation. (Storyteller Exceptions to Pure Breed and Resources May be made with an Approve Background.)

***Only Influences allowed: Bureaucracy, Church, Finance, Health, High Society, Industry, Legal, Media, Occult, Police, Political, Street, Transportation, Underworld, and University.


Step8 Spend 7 points between Conscience, Self-Control, and Courage. Then add together Conscience and Self-Control, divide that result in half (rounding up) and this is your humanity score.

Step 9 - Select one gift (Homid or Tribe)

*** Gifts cannot require rage or gnosis. Some gifts may be denied at Storyteller Discretion.

*** Numina/Sorcery Kinfolk get first level of path for free, do not get gifts, and are a special approval. The player should speak to Troy about the path of Numina/Sorcery before making the character and make sure the census justifies a kinfolk of this type and the path. If you wish to submit a background with your proposal to apply for a Numina/Sorcery path you may. To be approved an in-depth background will be required before approval. (Must have played a Garou Character for 6 months to be eligible.)

*** Gnosis merit is also considered Rare and therefore will require an in-depth background and player should inquire if a slot is available. (Must have played a Garou Character for 6 months to be eligible.)

Step 10 - Assign tribal Advantage and Disadvantage if appropriate.

Step 11 - Total and spend your Freebie points: Flaws, Negative Traits, and 10 additional for Spark of Life.

*** Merits and Flaws are each capped at 7 and Negative Traits are capped at 5.

*** Merits not purchased with Freebies are double the cost. (see Charts Below)

Step 12 - Spend the additional 40 experience points. (See experience spending chart below. Creation limits above apply.

Step 13 - Submit a basic background to be awarded up to 5 bonus exp to spend on your character after approval.

Background Guildelines

Kinfolk Freebie Chart
Attributes 1:1
Abilities 1:1
Specialties 1:1
Backgrounds 1:1
Influence 1:1
Basic Numina (Sorcery or Psychic) 3:1
Merits By Cost
Humanity 1:1
Willpower 2:1

Kinfolk Experience Chart
Attributes 1:1
Abilities 1:1
Specialties 1:1
Backgrounds 1:1
Influence 1:1
Gifts (Basic; No Gnosis or Rage) 6:1 (Homid or Tribe)
Merits Double Cost (ST Approval)
Flaws and Negative Removal Double Cost (ST Approval)
Numina (Basic) 3:1
Numina (Intermediate) 6:1
Numina (Advanced) 9:1
Sorcery Ritual (Basic) 2:1
Sorcery Ritual (Intermediate) 4:1
Sorcery Ritual (Advanced) 6:1
Humanity 2:1
Willpower 3:1
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