Name: Kiara O`Grady

Tribe: Fianna

Breed: Kinfolk

==Notable Traits==

A youn woman in her mid to late 20's with long Auburn hair and bright bluegreen eyes, has a 5'4" slender athletic body

Fianna pure breed (x3)

Has has a young, friendly face

4 app. traits

A soft soothing voice

==Information known to the Nation==

She has come to the sept looking For Bruce MacNeil

She has a 6 year old Daughter that she is rather protective of

She has worked as a Bartender in a pub in Ireland came to the states to go to nursing school and provide for her daughter, although working as a nurse she does still like to sling the drinks

==Kin/ Famiy==

Bruce MacNeil - Mate

Brea - Daughter



Player Brandi Cantrall


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