Name - Keiko Yukiko (Player: Katie Nance. Disclaimer: This player does not run cyber scenes)

Rank -You wouldn't know unless you are a Bastet

Breed - Bastet

Notable Traits -Her hair, it's pure white.

Pack -No pack, Bastet are lone creatures.

==Information known to the Nation==


Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==
She likes the taste of birds and rats.
She is here hunting a demon.
She is an expert with the Katana.
Her mother was a Geisha.
Her weapon of choice is the fan blades she carries on her person but no one knows where.
She calls the garou dogs.
Her and Josh are secretly planning on killing all the garou.
She loves to dress in sailor dresses or schoolgirl uniforms.
Her mother died in shame.
Her father was a customer of her mother's but was an important man.
She is secretly in love with Thrall and "trains" with him everyday.


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