Kangi Maza (Deceased)

**Player: Nick Butler


  • Cliath Deed Name: Eagle's Wings
  • Fostern Deed Name: Shatters the Skies
  • Eldest Uktena of Crosswinds
  • Birth Name: Kangi Maza

Creature Type

Breed Form





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Basic Homid Description

Kangi Maza stands at roughly 5'8", being tall for his Sioux heritage. He is well built and muscular, but not overly bulky as his frame still carries the inherent litheness the Native Americans are known for. He has a hint of Uktena Pure Breed in his features, and generally is wearing basic clothing in the form of either a plain dress shirt and jeans for the city, or on the Sept varying colors of peasant tops and leather pants with moccasins. His apparent age is in his mid twenties.

Battle Scars and Other Scars

Kangi Maza carries three scars on each of his shoulders, which appear to have come from some sort of large creature with talons either landing on him or carrying him through the air.

Notable Traits

Uktena Purebreed 2

Basic Crinos Description:

Kangi Maza is no larger than most Garou in his Crinos form, although he is well fit and muscularly built as an Ahroun ought to be. His fur carries a reddish brown tint to it, alluding again to the Pure Breed of his Uktena blood.

Basic Lupus Description:

In Lupus, Kangi Maza is a reddish brown wolf with brown eyes.

Everyday Outfit:

Covered in Homid description.

Battle Gear:

Kangi Maza usually has with him only two weapons: A dagger made from bone, with various Garou glyphs carved into it, and a longbow with a quiver of arrows.


  • Avinindra, known as Walks a Fine Line, Carries His Bretheren, and Earth's Grasp, Homid Uktena Theurge and Ranked as Adren.
    • About

Avinindra was Kangi Maza's father, who died in defense of his previous Sept. Want to know more, find out ICly.

  • Ehawee
    • About

Ehawee was Kangi Maza's kinfolk mother, who was also slain. More information is discovered ICly.

Known to the Nation

Kangi Maza's former Sept, located in the Grea Sioux Reservation of North Dakota, suffered a violent attack by a combination of Black Spiral Dancers, Fomori, Banes, and Vampires. The Caern did not fall to these forces of the Wyrm, but many of the Garou there were slain in the onslaught, including Kangi Maza's birth parents. After the event, Kangi Maza has simply traveled the United States from Caern to Caern, seeming to be searching for something he has yet to find.


Daily Routine


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OOC Information


Nick Butler

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Eastern Time


Kingsport, Tennessee

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