Joseph Manning


Birth Name:Joseph David Manning

Alias: Joey, Joe, Dr. Manning

Creature Type: Kinfolk

Tribe: Coggie

Birthdate: January 29th, 1983


Basic Description:
Joseph stands at 6'1", with a wiry build that tends to be hidden beneath button up shirts and suit jackets. He has hazel eyes that appear jade green along the outer iris and honey brown near the pupil, short tousled dark blonde hair, tan skin and an almost constant smile. (App x4, PB x4 Coggie)

Battle Scars and Other Scars
Just the usual minor ones from childhood.

Notable Traits
Joseph wears a pair of thin wire rimmed glasses during work and anytime he doesn't feel like putting in his contacts. His voice has a rather calming quality to it (Soothing Voice) and sounds southern in origin.

Everyday Outfit:
If he is working his wardrobe consists of a long sleeved buttoned up business shirt, a professional looking tie, a nice pair of dress pants, a white lab coat or plain suit jacket and a pair of black slip resistant shoes.

If he has to be truly professional then he wears a bespoke three piece suit that fits him perfectly, usually in black or grey with shoes, a handmade shirt and silk tie that not only compliment the suit but also the wearer.

If it is casual Friday, one of his rare moments of relaxation, or anything else really, he tends to stick with more casual style dress shirts, plain neutral color t-shirts, comfy worn in jeans, and running shoes or boots (barefoot if he is home).

Battle Gear:
It is not his job to do the fighting, though if he has to he knows basic self-defense. He's rather talk his way out of situations then cause harm if possible.


  • Vivian "Vivi" Manning
    • Baby Sister
    • Kinfolk and a budding Park Ranger

Common Knowledge

Stuff that he has either told people or that can be found out with a little research on the internet

  • He is semi-vegetarian. He still partakes in eggs and milk on occasion and meat only when he is a dinner guest and it would be rude not to eat what is served.
  • He graduated from the University of North Carolina at the age of 24 with a duel MD/PHD degree. He also has his AP/CP Certifications.
  • He drives a Highlander Hybrid, because in his words "It's roomy and looks nice….shut up Dylan, driving this does not make me a soccer mom."
  • He is a resident at Tulane Medical Center and works in forensic pathology


Daily Routine


IC Contact Info

  • If one needs to contact Joseph he has a smart phone, a business number, family, an email address, and a long forgotten about Facebook account. He has been on the fence about twitter for a while now and has decided against it.


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