Player: Kristin Cornett


  • Cliath Deed Name: Ganks For the Grab Bag
  • Fostern Deed Name:Scrappy Doo Lights the Way
  • Birth Name: Jacqueline Tennant

Creature Type: Garou

Breed Form: Homid

Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Auspice/Moon: Ragabash

Rank: Fostern and Eldest Gnawer

Pack: Stag's Unwavering Honor

Birthdate: July 7, 1993


Basic Homid Description:
Jax has the look about her that screams either street urchin or protect me, depending on her fashion sense that day. She's rather short in stature standing at 5'4” and has a very lithe build that is hidden underneath clothes that are slightly bigger then they need to be. Her pale blonde hair is cut pixie-ish short and she tends not to let it get more then an inch or three longer then that. She has grey blue eyes that tend to watch the world almost wearily. (Appearance 3: Alluring, Magnetic x2)

Battle Scars and Other Scars
Large human bite mark on her throat
Collapsed Lung (scar is a few inches from her sternum on her left side, bullet shaped about the size of a silver dollar)
Small faded pink scars on her forehead, cheeks and bridge of her nose
Two jagged scars (looks like a poorly done stitch job): one across her stomach the other across her lower ribs

Notable Traits
Glyph for Fostern on Nape of Neck (Scarred in)
Rat Tattoo (Located on right shoulder)

Basic Crinos Description:
An adorable bundle of killing goodness

Basic Lupus Description:


Jax looks like the runt of the litter in lupus, but still looks like a wolf. Her frame is small, body lean, and her coat is a mixture of grey, white, and light brown. The collapsed lung scar and bite mark scar stand out amongst her fur.

Everyday Outfit:
Typically, Jax's fashion is made up of jeans, tanks, random witty t-shirts, hoodies, a pair of fade black biker boots, and a black leather jacket. On special occasions though she will clean up nicely and wear something nice, if not dressy.

Battle Gear:
Battle gear tends to be whatever gaia gave her, a S & W black Ops Serrated tactical folding knife, a new and shiny bone spear and in rare but amusing occasions Darth Maul's lightsaber.


  • Maria Tennant and Jonathon Tennant
    • Mother and Father
    • Parents died in a plane crash as they were were traveling to visit the grandparents over Jax's summer break. Out of the total 145 people that were on the plane, 11 died including her parents.
  • Matthew and Addison Eccleston
    • Grandparents on Mother's Side
    • Very religious and strict in their upbringing of Jax. They were killed by three elder BSDs.
  • Ray and Siobhan Morris
    • Cousins
    • Ray is a Ratkin, Siobhan is Fianna Kin.
  • Clara and Amanda
    • Adopted Daughters
    • Clara is the daughter of her former pack mate Mitchel, who fell to the wyrm. She was put into Jax's care after her Aine and Alex killed her father. Amanda was rescued at the heart of the of the old caern. She was going to be the "sacrifice" for the ancient bane that was there. Ella brought her to the bar and Jax took her in. Both girls are seven years old and Coggie Purebreed x3 and x 1 respectively.
  • Her pack
    • If you don't know who is in it, then they are doing something wrong. Next to Ray, Siobhan, Mara, and Clara, her pack is her life.
  • Vincent Kiley
    • Mate
    • Vin is a kinfolk of the Bone Gnawer variety, very much Irish, and very much adored by Jax.
  • Tank
    • Her cousin like a billion times removed and currently her favorite Rat.
  • Alysia
    • Gnawer
    • Alysia is Jax's cuz from Ray's side. First time Alysia shifted she tried to kill Jax to get to Ray, those were good times.

Common Knowledge

  • She is related to a Ratkin
  • She used to suffer from Misophobia (which is actually just a misspelling of Mysophobia…which means she was afraid of contact with dirt….freak)
  • She has a collapsed lung and a nasty scar on her chest, from getting shot with Silver Nitrate by some CIA Operatives
  • She survived being kidnapped by elder BSDs
  • Got shot by Boba Fett and has vowed to get that bastard back
  • Volunteers when she can at homeless shelters
  • Still checks in on the young girl, Suzi, she helped rescue on her first night at the sept
  • Is very loyal to those she considers family and will fight to protect them
  • June is a very bad month for her
  • Has adopted Clara as her own
  • Has seen Thrall naked and survived…sorta
  • Has finally ran a mission that succeeded and helped save two shifter
  • Owns a working lightsaber
  • Disappeared with her pack to Ireland after the trip to Asgard.


  • Enjoys the company of the fera more then garou
  • Pissed off some spirits, which is why she hates the umbra
  • Dresses up in tights and runs around at night like a superhero which is why she's always tired.
  • Loves to call scandals, in fact she has to call them or she loses her super powers.
  • She has more then once thought about trying to switch tribes
  • Is friends with a vampire that believes she is too skinny
  • Is currently dating a ratkin
  • Has a tried every one of the top ten ways to creatively dispose of a body

Daily Routine

Day starts at a begrudging 6 am, from 6-7 am she practices her katas, 7-8 she makes breakfast for Clara (and Vin if he is up) and gets Clara ready for school, after Clara is off to school Vin and her go for a 4 mile run when possible. Everything else tends to be up in the air and changes. Around 4PM, she picks up Clara, helps her with homework, discusses school. Then comes Clara's free-time, dinner, Clara's bath-time, followed by story-time, then bed. After Clara is asleep, there is either couple time or garou time depending. Then much crashing before starting the day over again.


  • Rite of Passage: Had to ask a philidox to pick an intended target (who I had to rob), had to think of a plan and convince a ragabash that it was a good one, once that was done I was to go to the mansion of target, get in and steal 2 pieces of loot, 3 pieces of Junk. Afterwards I was to bring everything back and offer it to the Bone Gnawer Elder. Needless to say it took a few weeks of awesome planning to pull it off, but I did. The elder let me keep the old WWII pocket knife.
  • Went to the TV Realm to retrieve a Corax Spirit Egg that was taken by a Ratkin.
  • Was part of the group tested by the Gods and Goddesses of the Hunt
  • Kidnapped by three Elder BSDs and used as a scapegoat for the oil rig explosion
  • Helped rescue a young girl named Susie from her Famori father
  • Helped take out a Red Dragon
  • Struck the killing blow on a young girl possessed by a demon
  • Helped rescue Clara from a BSD hive after her father went rogue
  • Helped stop a rampaging Ratkin who turned out to be her cousin Tank
  • Watched her grandmother die because she refused to give into the BSDs

IC Contact Info

  • Through her pack
  • Call her cell


  • Cage the Elephant-Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
  • Christian Kane-House Rules
  • Curtis Stigers-This Life
  • Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon – Remains
  • Onerepublic-All Fall Down

OOC Information

Player: Kristin Cornett

Time Zone: Central

Location: Chicago Burbs, IL

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.oohay|9esumailahT#moc.oohay|9esumailahT
    • Please list CW - <Enter Character Name> in the beginning of the subject line.
  • IRC: Kristin_OOC

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