Howls are some of the Werewolves most powerful and evocative means of expression. Used in ritual, to warn, to scorn, to praise and to mourn, they're a deep and abiding part of being Garou. They're not rituals in and of themselves, only because they're common to all Garou.

The howls are:
Anthem of War: Moon Dancers raise this inspiring battle cry to muster their brethren for battle or to rally them if their spirits have fallen.
Call for Succor: Used to call a Garou's pack to his aid. Embarrassing but occasionally necessary. The howl sounds somewhat like the bark of a puppy for its mother.
Call to Hunt: A long, low undulation used to alert the pack to the position of prey.
Chant of Challenge: Believed invented by the Silver Fangs or the Fianna, the Chant is a systematic recital of one's name, pack, sept, lineage, tribe and deeds, followed by a creative insult of the challenged one's personal habits, ancestry and deeds. Obviously, this is used to initiate duels, although there may be a difference between duels and formal challenges
Curse of Ignominy: This snarling whine is used by the sept or tribe to dishonour and mock those who have fallen from favour.
Dirge for the Fallen: This is a somber, low-pitched, drawn-out howl. It is used as a requiem for the honoured dead; the volume and length depend upon the status of the deceased.
Snarl of Precedence: This is howled by a Garou who wishes to go one-on-one with a foe. The snarl does not have to be honoured by those of a higher renown, but generally is.
Song of Mockery: This is a particularly infuriating pitch that Ragabash add to any other howl. It is sure to enrage Ahroun, Shadow Lords, etc. It is an insulting gesture, the Garou equivalent of "the finger".
Symphony of the Abyss: A reverberating, mad whine used by the Black Spiral Dancers whilst hunting. The song is designed to terrify quarry and it does. This is often referred to as sounding like the call of the Whippoorwill.
Wail of Foreboding: The wail is a general danger signal, often used to warn of natural disasters.
Warning of the Wyrm's Approach: A very sharply pitched howl, emitted in a series of brief staccato bursts. This howl is used only to announce the presence of the Wyrm's minions; many assaults have been averted by one brave Guardian's Warning being howled out before the attackers took a little all-important time to silence them.

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