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A couple of quick notes

Many gifts in Laws state a challenge against no target and list no difficulty. These are static challenges. Unless otherwise covered here, any gift which lists a test against no target is to be considered a static challenge with the following difficulties
Basic: 6 traits
Intermediate: 7 traits
Advanced: 8 traits

Loss of Permanent Renown:

When more temporary renown is lost than the character has then one of their permanent renown is broken up into ten temporary and the remainder is removed. If this takes them below what is needed to hold that rank then they loose the rank. Any rage, gnosis, willpower over the original cap is removed and stored, same with attributes. Any gifts over their new permanent renown x2 cap are removed and a refund is given in xp


Here’s how Awareness works. If someone attempts to use a power on you and FAILS you get an Awareness challenge IF you have the Awareness ability. If you have the power in question you know what power was used on you but not the source, unless the source is somehow obvious. At the ST or Narrator’s discretion you may ask for an Awareness test to see if someone has used a power and you witness it IF that power has some sort of visible action. For example, True Fear requires you to growl and look imposing at your target. Many gifts require a full turn of concentration. So you MIGHT get an awareness challenge in those circumstances. Unless a gift states in the source material that it has some sort of obvious effect or action, it does not have one.

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