Gunnar Erikson

* Name: Gunnar Erikson

* Deed Names: Bloody Fist of Rage

* Tribe: Fenrir

* Auspice: Ahourn

* Breed: Homid
PBx3 Get of Fenris, 3 app. based socials.

* Gunnar stands at a massively built 7'2" feet tall. His head is slick and bald except for his long blonde goatee. Many battle scars line his face and body, and Nordic tattoos cover his arms, chest, and neck, except for a large scar for Nerigal on one arm. He has dark green eyes and usually wears a black wife beater, jeans and black biker boots.

Gunnar in Crinos


Gunnar in Hispo


Gunnar in Lupus



Common Knowledge


* He is mated to Eva Malone Fenrir Kin (Deceased)
* His Son Baldr
* He is currently Courting Aaralyn, Fianna kinfolk


Gunnar is part of the Crimson Ice Pack

Crimson Ice consist of:

* Thrall Larssen - Alpha
* Aren Larssen - Beta
* Gunnar Erikson
* Thera Andersen
* Silversong (Deceased)

Crimson Ice Allies:

* Dahlia Larssen (In Asgard)
* Arkin Cole mate to Thera Andersen
* Eva Malone (Deseased)
* Runa Thorssen (Deceased)

Soundtrack to Gunnar
Indestrutible - Disturbed Crimson Ice song of DOOM!
Your Going Down - Sick Puppies The Bash Brothers Song!
My Curse - Killswitch Engaged
Invincible - Adelitas Way
The Pursuit of Vikings - Amon Amarth

He once saw Thera in Make up and a Dress….only once.


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