Grier Townsend

Name: Grier Townsend


Nicknames: Wackadoodle (hers), Landshark (others)

Tribe: Child of Gaia

Breed: Kinfolk

Born: 06/07/83

Title: Gaia's Ambulance Chaser

==Base Description==


Grier is a pretty woman in her late twenties who is somewhat diminutive, with light brown eyes, honey-blonde hair, and an air of distraction. She seems a bit fidgety, as if never quite at rest, and dresses neatly, whatever the style. If you take more than a few moments to watch her, you may note that something about her is off, as in some great, lurking sadness seems to cling to her like a shawl. Something is very wrong with this one. (Child of Gaia Pure Breed x 1)

Typical Outfit:

Most of the time, it's slacks and a blouse, or simple skirt outfits. Occasionally, when she has a court date, she'll dress up into more formal business attire, suits and heels the way of things. It's very rare that you'll catch her completely dressed down, as she seems to prefer being put together.

==Common Knowledge==

Grier is a lawyer who works on a lot of different projects, the largest of which is her pro bono volunteering for the city's Public Defender office. She is originally from Boston, though she doesn't speak overly much about her time there. Come to think of it, other than the basic facts, she talks very little about herself.


Grier's mother and father are still alive. Her dad, Theodore Childe "Due Process", is an Elder Philodox of the Glasswalker Tribe, and in deep with Central House. Her mother, Victoria Childe, is a trial lawyer and Child of Gaia kinfolk on retainer to the Glasswalkers. She has three siblings, one of which is a Glasswalker Philodox like her father (Brother: Alex Childe "Claws of the Law", Adren), the others all kinfolk to the Children of Gaia. All in all, her entire family has a long history in Boston as very old and wealthy blood, shifters and kinfolk alike, just as they're very well known for their extensive work in that community.

== Rumors ==

  • Grier's mate fell to the Wyrm. He kept her for months before she finally tricked him, gaining the upper hand. When they found her, she was eating his heart for sustenance, and nearly feral. Don't offer her meat!
  • Grier is, y'know… that way. Rainbow sherbert. Yikes.
  • Grier murdered her own child.
  • All of Grier's backstory is one big lie. She's an undercover Ragabash that's working as part of a Coggie network of assassins that look for "threats" to Unity, waiting to take down her next mark. Have YOU checked her true breed?


- "One", Metallica

- "Closer to Fine", Indigo Girls

- "How Would I Know?", Melissa Etheridge

- "Wish", Nine Inch Nails

- "Children Will Listen", Into the Woods (Stephen Sondheim)

==OOC Information==

Player: Katie "KT" Faulkner

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