Gifts (WIP)

Starting Gifts

Tribe Gift 1 Gift 2 Gift 3
Black Furies Breath of the Wyld Heightened Senses Sense Wyrm
Bone Gnawers Cooking Scent of Sweet Honey Cooking
Children of Gaia Mercy Mother's Touch Resist Pain
Fianna Faerie Lights Persuasion Resist Toxins
Get of Fenris Razor Claws Resist Pain Visage of Fenris
Glasswalkers Control Simple Machines Diagnostics Trick Shot
Red Talons Beast Speech Scent of Running Water Wolf at the Door
Shadow Lords Aura of Confidence Fatal Flaw Seizing the Edge
Silent Striders Sense Wyrm Silence Speed of Thought
Silver Fang Falcon's Grasp Lambent Flame Sense Wyrm
Uktena Sense Magic Shroud Spirit Speech
Wendigo Call the Breeze Camouflage Resist Pain
Breed Gift 1 Gift 2 Gift 3
Homid Master of Fire Persuasion Smell of Man
Metis Create Element Primal Anger Sense Wyrm
Lupus Hare's Leap Heightened Senses Sense Prey
Auspice Gift 1 Gift 2 Gift 3
Ragabash Blur of the Milky Eye Open Seal Scent of Running Water
Theurge Mother's Touch Sense Wyrm Spirit Speech
Philidox Resist Pain Scent of True Form Truth of Gaia
Galliard Beast Speech Call of the Wyld Mindspeak
Ahroun Falling Touch Inspiration Razor Claws

Tribe Gifts

Black Furies Basic Intermediate Advanced
Breath of the Wyld Barring the Will Thousand Forms
Curse of Aeolus Body Wrack Wyld Warp
Heightened Senses Bolster the True Name
Kali's Tongue Coup de Grace
Sense of Prey Flames of Hestia
Sense Wyrm Visceral Agony
Stroking the Soul's Fire Wasp Talons
Watchful Eyes
Camp Gifts Basic Intermediate Advanced
Amazons of Diane True Shot Blizzards of Arrows
Flurry of Arrows
Bacchanates Rend Storm of Mother's Wrath
Freebooters Messenger's Fortitude
Omen of Power
Moon-Daughters Spirit Loan
Order of the Merciful Mother Mother's Touch
Truest Sacrament
Sister Hood Spirit Smuggler
Winged Delivery
The Temple of Artemis Walk With Hades
Bone Gnawers Basic Intermediate Advanced
Blissful Ignorance Attunement Help Me
Cooking Cooter's Revenge Piping
Dead End Dumpster Diving Riot
Declamation Face in the Crowd Survivor
Desperate Strength Friend in Need
Hootennany Infest
I Got a Rock Laugh of the Hyena
Kitchen Chemistry Lucky Bastard
Odious Aroma Rant and Rave
On Patrol Reshape Object
Resist Toxins Shadow of the Rat
Road Ward Streets Tell Stories
Smell of Success Trust Me
Stone Throwing Devil
Tag Along
The Hungry Hound
The Mark
Urban Ward

Auspice Gifts

Breed Gifts

Kinfolk Specific Gifts

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