Garou Character Creation

Garou Character Creation

Character creation rules are as per the Laws of the Wild Revised with exceptions shown below or mentioned in the House Rules Section of the Wiki. The breakdown is as follows:
Any character that is not a Homid Born Garou or a basic kinfolk requires an in-depth background. Please understand that just because you write a background and send in the sheet it does not mean it will be approved. Even if there is an opening for the character type in the census it doesn’t mean that your concept will fit into the game setting.

Step 1 - Select Concept, Breed, Tribe, Auspice.

*** We do not allow Red Talens, Stargazers, OR Wendigo

Step 2 – Select a Nature and Demeanor

Step 3 – Assign Rank: (Claith or Fostern Only)

*** No cubs will be approved due to constant abuse of players that used them as a reason not to learn the game material. Please make a Claith.

Step 4 Assign your Starting Gnosis: (Determined by Breed), Rage (Determined by Auspice) and Willpower (Determined by Tribe). Charts Below:

Willpower Rage Gnosis
Black Fury 3 Ahourn 5 Homid 1
Bone Gnawer 4 Galliard 4 Metis 3
Children of Gaia 4 Philodox 3 Lupus 5
Fianna 3 Theruge 2
Get of Fenris 3 Ragabash 1
Glasswalkers 3
Shadow Lord 3
Silent Strider 3
Silver Fang 3
Uktena 3

Step 5 - Spend Attribute Points: 7 in Primary, 5 in Secondary, and 3 in Tertiary.

Step 6 – Optional: Select up to 5 negative traits for freebies points.

Step 7 - Select Ability Points (5). Note: At this point you also get 5 free Lore in addition.

*** Homid born Can Not enter play with the Primal Urge ability.

*** Lores above level 3 may not be taken at creation.

Step 8 - Spend Background/Influence Points (5).

***Note: Influence cost 3 per unless you are a Glasswalker

***Note: Background/Influence cost level may not exceed 3 at creation. (Storyteller Exceptions to Pure Breed, Resources, Totem, and Rites May be made with an Approve Background.)

***Only Influences allowed: Bureaucracy, Church, Finance, Health, High Society, Industry, Legal, Media, Occult, Police, Political, Street, Transportation, Underworld, and University.


Step 9 - Select your 3 Starting Gifts, one each from the Tribe, Breed and Auspice lists.

Auspice Gift
Ahourn Falling Touch, Inspritation, Razor Claws
Galliard Beast Speech, Call of the Wyld, Mindspeak
Philodox Resist Pain, Scent of True Form, Truth of Gaia
Theruge Mother’s Touch, Sense Wyrm, Spirit Speech
Ragabash Blur of the Milky Eye, Open Seal, Scent of Running Water

Breed Gift
Homid Master of Fire, Persuasion, Smell of Man
Metis Create Element, Primal Anger, Sense Wyrm
Lupus Hare’s Leap, Heighten Senses, Sense Prey

Tribal Gift
Black Fury Breath of the Wyld, Heighten Sense, Sense Wyrm
Bone Gnawer Cooking, Resist Toxin, Tagalong
Children of Gaia Mercy, Mother’s Touch, Resist Pain
Fianna Faerie Light, Persuasion, Resist Toxin
Get of Fenris Razor Claws, Resist Pain, Snarl of the Predator
Glasswalkers Control Simples Machine, Diagnosis, Trick Shot
Shadow Lord Aura of Confidence, Fatal Flaw, Seizing the Edge
Silent Strider Sense Wyrm, Silence, Speed of Thought
Silver Fang Falcon’s Grasp, Lambent Flame, Sense Wyrm
Uktena Sense Magic, Shroud, Spirit Speech

Step 9 - Assign Renown and tribal Advantage and Disadvantage.

Step 10 - Total and spend your Freebie points: Flaws, Negative Traits, and 5 additional for Spark of Life.

*** Merits and Flaws are each capped at 7 and Negative Traits are capped at 5.

*** Merits not purchased with Freebies are double the cost. (see Charts Below)

Step 11 - Spend the additional 40 experience points. (See experience spending chart below. Creation limits above apply.

Step 12 - Submit background to be awarded up to 5 bonus exp to spend on your character after approval.

Background Guildelines

Garou Freebie Chart
Attributes 1:1
Abilities 1:1
Specialties 1:1
Backgrounds 1:1
Influence 3:1
Influence (Glasswalker) 1:1
Gifts 3:1
Merits By Cost
Rites (Minor) 1:1
Rites (Basic) 2:1
Rage 2:1
Gnosis 2:1
Willpower 2:1

Garou Experience Chart
Attributes 1:1
Abilities 1:1
Specialties 1:1
Backgrounds 1:1
Influence 3:1
Influence (Glasswalker) 1:1
Gifts 3:1
Merits Double Cost (ST Approval)
Flaws and Negative Removal Double Cost (ST Approval)
Rites (Minor) 1:1
Rites (Basic) 2:1
Rage 3:1
Gnosis 3:1
Willpower 3:1
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