Gabriel Draken

Homid form


Lupus form


Player: Will Williams

Aliases: "Dragonmalic"

Creature Type: Garou

Name: Gabriel Draken

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Fianna

Born: June 10th, 1992

Auspice/Moon: Theurge / Cresent

Rank: Cub

Notable Traits:
Gabriel has the sign of the wolf on the palms of his hands which he keeps covered by gloves and a cresent shaped birthmark on the side of his neck just below his right ear.


Information known to the Nation
He was found out in the woods near the sept after going through his change

He seems to have befriended Ashara and is trying to help her as he would a little sister

Has begun training in his Auspice with Atreia and has learned The Breath of Gaia.

Kin / family
Gabriel was adopted by a family of Wicca,

His parents Xypher and Tabitha McTeirney Died in a plane crash in colorado of 1994.
his father's given name: "Howling Hopps plays the drunken tune", Adren Galliard of the Fianna Tribe, member of the Rovers Camp and Alpha of the Troddrunners Pack

Hispo form

Crinos form

Rites and Chalenges


Rumored to be able to manipulate and walk through fire, according to Inessa.

Now i've seen everything.


Rob Zombie - Super Beast
Godsmack - Releasing the Demons
Drowning Pool - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Evanescence - Wake Me Up

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