The following are the details of each form, though some may differ slightly with ST approval by a trait or two.

Physical Trait bonuses at a glance -
Homid - None
Galbro - +4
Crinos - +8
Hispo - +8
Lupus - +5

Homid: The Human

Trait Change: None.
Shift Difficulty: Six Traits
Description: Regular human form. The only difference here depends on what breed of Garou you are: Homid-born do not regenerate, but aren't allergic to silver in this form, whereas metis and lupus-born Garou do take aggrivated damage in this form and regenerate at the normal rate. The Garou language is severly limited in this form, and wolf is not possible without some sort of supernatural aid.

Glabro: The Near-Man

Trait Change: Brawny, Robust, Tough, Tireless; *Bestial, *Feral, *Repugnant
Shift Difficulty: Seven Traits
Description: A more massive person with sharper nails, a sloping brow and overall hairer. Speaking more gutterally, the Garou generally grows in wieght to up to 200% (up to) from homid (Not three times, but double), and stands roughly six inches taller. While both Human and Garou languages are possible, they are deeply gutteral and memorable.

Crinos: Wolf-Man

Trait Change: Brawny x2, Ferocious, Quick, Rugged, Tireless x2, Tough; *Bestial x2, *Feral x2, *Repugnant x2; less all Manipulation and Appearance -related Traits.
Shift Difficulty: Six Traits
Description: Ever seen The Howling? Yeah. Think half again as tall as the Glabro form, and weighing between 100-200% more. They've got claws, fangs, and the ability to move on both two or four legs. Male Garou are lucky enough to have their bits retract somewhat for the change. They can speak Garou easily; this is the form it was made for (and most rites were designed to be performed in), and can communicate very crudely with wolves. Garou can speak no more than one or two words of human language at a time in this form, requiring a Willpower Trait for a complete sentence or concept.
Note that the Manipulation/Appearance penalties don't apply to other Garou and shapechangers.

Hispo: Near-Wolf

Trait Change: Brawny, Enduring, Ferocious, Lithe, Quick, Rugged, Tireless, Tough; *Bestial x2, *Feral; less all Manipulation-related Traits.
Shift Difficulty: Seven Traits
Description: Like a dire wolf of ages past, with jaws even larger than in Crinos form, some Garou actually prefer Hispo for war. The Garou weighs almost as much as in Crinos form, but is on all fours now, lower-down. Hispo bites deal an extra level of damage, and they gain a one Trait bonus Perception challenges in Hispo form. Hispo-form Garou can speak freely with Garou and wolves, but must spend a Willpower trait for every couple of syllables directed at human listeners.

Lupus: The Wolf

Trait Change: Lithe, Quick, Rugged, Tireless, Tough; *Bestial x2, *Feral x2; less all Manipulation-related Traits.
Shift Difficulty: Six Traits
Description: Lean, instinct-driven wolves. In this form only the bite inflicts aggravated damage (although Lupus-born in this form only inflict lethal with their bites). The Lupus form runs twice as quickly as Homid, and gains a two Trait bonus on all Perception-based challenges. Homid and Metis Garou are allergic to silver and regenerate in this form, whereas Lupus Garou are not and do not. Each tribe looks differently in this form. Human speech and more complicated Garou language is, of course, impossible short of shifting one's vocal cords and mouth; names as well aren't feasable as the sounds and types don't exist in the wolf language.

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