Fera Treaty

OOC:This is the treaty between the garou and the fera. All players of Fera are assumed to have read and acknowledge this Treaty.

Background on it: This treaty was written up between Calliope and
Draws the Poison (who was the fera alpha at the time) when the Fera
caern's gnosis was drained. No one found out why, no one knew how it
happened, it just happened one day and they needed a place to go. So
Calliope "offered" them a place to go, to help relations between the
garou and the fera. ((AS a note here, the Furies had nothing to do
with the War of Rage, it never reached Greece, or I should say that
very FEW Black Furies had anything to do with the War of Rage.)

1. The fera will NOT interfere in Garou business.

2. The garou will NOT interfere in Fera business.

3. Personal business between a garou and a fera will be handled
accordingly by Garou rules. If it is too personal then it will be
handled between said Garou and said Fera.

4. The fera will remember this is garou territory and the rules and
such as followed by the garou ways, laws and traditions.

5. If there is a challenge between a garou and a fera, both will have
a representative of their sides to witness the challenge. Preferrably
both alphas of each side.

6. The fera can be asked to leave if they do not abide by the Garou
laws here.

7. A fera or a garou cannot attack each other outside of a challenge,
if either do, they will be punished accordingly.

8. The Fera alpha is the representative for the Fera, he does not in
any way, override the garou alpha on these lands. He or she simply
brings issues to the garou alpha's attention.

9. Our facilities, for example, the dining hall, the clinic, the
commune, the ponds, (save for the Black Fury only pond) are at the
Fera's disposal for use.

10. The fera are allowed to hunt on our grounds, for food, and
clothing purposes.

11. No Fera will claim any of the garou territory for their own, until
they speak with the garou alpha. They may use the land but not claim it.

12. The fera do not have to fight in our battles but it would make for
good relations if they do.

13. Peace will be maintained on this territory.

14. No weapon will be used against a fera or a garou, unless the two
alphas declare there is no other recourse.

15. Anything the garou alpha declares is the law on this caern and
will be made so by the fera and the garou.

The Signatures of Draws the Poison and Calliope Terpsichord are at the bottom.

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