Monthly Exp Spending Limits

Crosswinds Experience Point Spending Limits

(Must be submitted to the list the month it is spent, backdated spending in not allowed.)

Downtime Actions: (Please justify your spending below and tell us what we should know your character is doing.)

Rage: (Limit 1)

Gnosis: (Limit 1)

Willpower: (Limit 1)

Traits: (Limit 2)

Abilities & Lores(Teacher Required): (Limit 2)

Backgrounds & Influences: (Limit 1)

Breed Gift: (Limit 1)

Auspice Gift: (Limit 1)

Tribe Gift: (Limit 1)

Rite: (Limit 1, Teacher Required)

Free Lore: (Limit 1, Teacher Required)

Request to buy off Neg Trait or Flaw: (Double cost, Requires RP Justification)

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