Earning Renown

Crosswinds Renown Record Guidelines

• The Player is responsible to submit the renown they feel their character has earned in a downtime the month after it is earned to moc.spuorgoohay|sretcarahC_WC#moc.spuorgoohay|sretcarahC_WC

• As a guide to renown worthy acts: http://crosswindsgarou.wikidot.com/renown

• The renown must be submitted the month after the renown worthy act was performed. This allows the player to keep a log of what they feel they have earned throughout the month with dates. Then the player can easily submit this with their exp spend requests after the exp is rewarded for the prior month. This gives you an entire Month to submit your renown requests for the prior month. Just like exp spending it has to be in by the end of the month or you may not earn renown for that prior month.

• The ST Staff will have final approval on what temp renown is added to the character sheet. Please understand just because you submit +14 temp glory, +12 temp honor, and +9 wisdom in a month doesn’t mean you will be awarded it all.

• Once a temp category reaches 10+ the player may request conversion to a permanent renown. However any overage is lost and the temp category is again set to zero. Only one category may be converted per month.
Example: Thrall Has: +14 temp glory, +12 temp honor, and +9 wisdom. If he chooses to convert his Glory to a permanent renown then his temp renown total will be set to: 0 temp glory, +12 temp honor, and +9 wisdom.

• The ST Staff will update your renown directly on your character sheet in the database. To make tracking easier for the player we will Endeavour to spend a copy of your character sheets in the response to your downtime. However we like you have demanding lives, so if we forget ask us in another email or on IRC for the sheet :)

• Negative renown:

We understand that it is difficult to call your friends out for things their characters have done that qualify for negative renown. Therefore if you can not stand up ICLY in fear of backslash oocly we ask that you send the LOG to moc.spuorgoohay|sretcarahC_WC#moc.spuorgoohay|sretcarahC_WC This list only has Katie, Troy, and Nikki on it and as you are sending us the log you will be able to remain anonymous. As you are sending us a log please realize that the storytellers aka the spirits will judge whether it is negative renown worthy.
We do ask that you please do not target people that you do not like. If it is obvious that you are always only calling out certain individuals then we will then request you take the matters publicly IC with your character. I know we do not all get along but we are however adults. You may also submit negative renown on your own character in your monthly downtime submissions.

Please note that the storytellers will also be going over logs of main rooms. Also if we feel that people are out right breaking the litany and trying to hide it in private scenes we may enter your scene. That is the risk you run as there are spirits everywhere. If you have made precautions to remove spirits from observing this you should explained in your downtimes.

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