Name - Tod Kroger

Deed Names - Knows Shit (Dropped the Ball - name of shame)

Tribe - Bone gnawer

Auspice - Ragabash

Rank - Cliath

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits -

==Information known to the Nation==
Is known for his past failings, but also, by some, for his recent contributions to the sept and nation.

Works as a janitor of sorts at the nearby kin-school, cleaning and maintaining the facilities.

Has a canine companion, "Yoink"

Pack -

Still Waters

Annie Johnson (Mate)
Annie's Kids (Uh Oh!)

  • Lara and Liza (twins)
  • Unborn baby (Yes, the baby is Tod's)

Yoink (Dog)
Emmy (Other Dog!)
Danny (Other Dog, Soon to be adopted)

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==

Is a drug dealer.

Was exiled from his past sept.

Is fleeing something, something nasty.

Has failed a fostern challenge or two.

Was given his name of shame after being stripped of his rank.

Knows some people, connected people.

Has a pack of Ratkin that follow him around, wrecking shit.

Is actually retarded.

Is an orphan.

Works for, or with the mafia.

Has a death wish.

Shot a man in reno, just to watch him die.


==OOC Information==

Player - Keegan Gilmore

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